Why Consider Outsourcing In Davao?

Nowadays, Davao is one of the top outsourcing destinations for BPO services like graphics design, software development, call center operations, website optimization, IT services, internet marketing and virtual staffing. Through the technologies we have today wherein communication, connection and workflow can be supervised by using online applications, establishing an offshored workforce in Davao is made even better. Outsourcing in Davao is most preferred because Filipinos are generally smart, skilled and hardworking. This alone is an enough reason to think about it. But if you’re still not convinced the following reasons might help you think about Outsourcing in Davao.

The low cost quality service is one of the main reasons why a growing number of investors prefer outsourcing in Davao. Outsourcing in Davao will of course entail money, but it does not measure up to when setting up an office in-house. Apart from the lower cost of labor in the Davao, the costs of putting up the infrastructures involved in the business are modestly priced too. You can rent an office space, computer units and workstations with the help of BPO companies located in the city so you can not only save on money but on time and effort as well.

Outsourcing in Davao equals to workers with a strong command in the English language. With English used as a standard language in the Philippines, it is not shocking why majority of Filipinos is experienced speaking in English. English is well thought-out one of the major languages used in Davao. Apart from the good command of the English language, outsourcing in Davao can be very beneficial since Filipinos are well accustomed to the western culture which makes it easier for their clients to understand and connect with them in business.

Outsourcing in Davao is a great option companies can look into. If you are just looking for a way to maximize your income, to spend less, nevertheless meet your business requirements, outsourcing in Davao is great for you.

What are the global trends in outsourcing?

Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao investigates on what are the possible global trends and indicators in outsourcing for the year 2016. The leading edge of any business of today is always interested in the varied services of outsourcing and to assist the long-term objectives of its seller. It has evolved since organizations from worldwide locations, like the United States of America and Europe commenced to outsource their business processes, with its destination such as the Philippines, Brazil, India, Poland and other Asian countries.

We have witnessed in 2015 the phase or gradual change in outsourcing trends from the customers as well as the seller’s point of view. While in this year there will be more shifts in the matter such as Data security; Adaption to cloud; Customer expectation and the Costs. It is important to embrace these current changes in the business processes. Now let us take a look or ponder and to think deeply at some of the possible movement or trends of the global outsourcing market.

Cloud service provider will excite better rivalry in IT infrastructure market
Better quality of service rather than seeking primarily cost savings
Stirring towards a centralized system
Make out for cloud ignorance
Diminish multiple suppliers
Near vicinity to Public sector clients
Client service will remain to be the major focus point

These are the list of 2016 outsourcing trends that you must consider and if you are looking for an outsourcing strategy for your company. At Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao we view our clients as our partners in the business.

A Merry-Merry Christmas

Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao celebrated its 2015 Christmas party at the Grand Menseng Hotel. The atmosphere was full of rejoicing and extravagance as you can really feel the spirit of Christmas; everyone felt they were special. Maybe this was because at Illumedia we treat each other as a one huge happy family that works harmoniously together with one goal which is to exceed and satisfy the expectations of our clients. We are truly blessed and thankful that with the guidance of our President Eliza B. Magno and Vice-President James B. Magno and their family, they showed the great care and love for us.

The party started at 6:00 PM, everyone was very happy and cheerful. We had singing, dancing and puppet shows that chromatically added to the grand ambiance. A lot of cash and gift prizes were shared and the food was so generous that really satisfied our appetite.

Indeed we had a blast in the year 2015! There is really a magic in the spirit of Christmas. There is a special power that allows people to be influenced by its greatness. As our leader once said we are looking forward through the future years to come for our Illumedia family to share the wonderful gift of what our creator has taught us which is to give and to trust the wisdom of God. At Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao we would like to see the world and every family stay connected wherever you are.

Outsource Virtual Web Development Davao

In a world where the web is one of the most powerful tools of business, having a website is one of the most important tools that cater not only the needs of the customers but also, it reflects what the company is all about. The web has been one of the most vital channels of marketing. Because of this, demand for website development has increased. In the Philippines, web design outsourcing and web development has been one of the fastest growing industries. With the growing competition, web development companies have fused different ideas and changed the landscape of web development. They merge high aesthetic value and user interaction in order to maximize customer recall.

Virtual Web Development Davao has answered the growing demands of web design outsourcing industry by having highly-skilled technical expert that use the latest high quality methods and techniques in web design and web development. Such methodologies aim to maximize customer interaction that results to favorable outcomes for the business.

As web professionals, Virtual Web Development Davao gives ideas that are not conventional. It provides out-of-the-box proposals while combining their technical knowledge and experience along with every customer’s suggestions in designing their websites. Virtual Web Development Davao provides the following:

a. Added Customer Flexibility
b. Mastery of Different Procedures
c. Combination of Effective Marketing Techniques
d. Better Aesthetics
e. Time Savings
f. More Value For What Was Paid

Virtual Web Development Davao is also aware of the website’s consistency regardless of what browser is being used by a user in accessing the site. All web design and development tasks are checked if they function with the same efficiency and easy functionality across all media and browser. Whether a user uses a PC or a smart phone, they will still get the same benefits and level of efficiency.

With the increasing competition in the web design and development industry, Illumedia Outsourcing Davao City makes of use of global standards and the best industry practices to give assurance to clients from different parts of the world. Designs add different global options to include some language features in order to cater the needs of customers from different countries.

All these benefits may not be enjoyed by intended users if they will not find it even if they use the most powerful search engines. Virtual Web Development Davao has combined all the needed features without compromising its SEO functionality.

We Got It!

Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao had a successful and fun team building! It was a sunny Friday morning and everybody was so excited and in a very positive mood. We headed off for the road expectant of the much awaited event. As we traveled from Davao, the atmosphere inside the van was so lively and full of laughter. What contributed to this is a little secret. People from Illumedia or Illumedians as we’ve been called, have tremendous passion for music. A lot of the people in the team are musicians so there was a lot of singing involved. We had lunch in a restaurant and afterwards we proceeded at the resort.

The team building was held at Tropical Kanakbai beach resort, Mati Davao Oriental. The resort is located along Dahican’s seventeen kilometers of crystal waters and white sand beach shores. One can definitely say that the resort is really “A Home Away from Home”. We felt the hospitality of the staff and we got pampered with luxury and comfort.

It had unsoiled and beautiful scenery and the beach itself made it so refreshing. The big waves and ripples of water sounded like music of relaxation. We took a long rest before we commenced with the several activities and programs lined-up for the event.

We had fun playing:

Do not break the egg
The Story of my Life
Salt and Pepper
Cheering competition

People were assigned to teams representing the colors green, blue, yellow and red. In each team there were six members. Aside from developing our skills together as a team through the activities, of course there were gift and cash prices that came along with it. Everyone was high-spirited throughout the whole day. As dinner approached, the men and women were dressed in colorful semi-formal attire, that suited the ambiance.

After dinner, the stage was set for the mini concert of the Illumedian artists. Everyone was content and entertained. We really had a recreational and satisfying evening. The following day, after breakfast, we met the challenge of the huge waves of Dahican and went swimming!. By lunch time, our co- worker took the liberty of preparing a meal for us. Everyone indeed participated and had a wonderful time.

Every Illumedian would agree, that was one of our best team buildings. We would like also thank our President, Ms. Eliza Kirsten B. Magno and our Vice-President, James Mathew B. Magno for the guidance and showing us, that in Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao, we are a family.

Tips in Hiring Good Virtual Web and Graphics Designers

Looking and choosing a virtual web designer is not an easy task. A lot of things are needed to be considered before choosing the right people to handle the jobs effectively and efficiently. Entrusting a job to someone whom you don’t personally know is not an easy decision. Virtual Web and Graphics Design Davao gives the following important factors before making the right decision of choosing the people who will help in doing different web design tasks.

a. Credentials – a good web designer has excellent credentials. Don’t be afraid to ask potential designers about their credentials, either academic or track record. It also suggest not to be scared to check those whether they are their former employers or their former professors.

b. Market Knowledge –Clients want to have websites for their business in order to reach more customers in the web and understands their needs. It is an edge for them if they have the necessary marketing knowledge since they can easily comprehend the different requirements that will be given to them by the clients. With that additional skill, they can also create designs that are geared to the target market of their clients.

c. Communication – Successful virtual web designers should know how to work under pressure within a team. They share to the group their ideas in order to easily solve different complex issues in connection to the work they are doing. They should also be connected to their clients as well. It is essential to communicate within the group so that a variety of creative thoughts will flow while doing the assigned tasks.

d. Search engines – Work doesn’t end after you finishing the job. In order to put the icing on the cake, Virtual Web and Graphics Design Davao implies that web designers should also monitor their work. Increasing page views is an evidence of how effective a website is. They should also know how to integrate SEO friendly features to their designs for them to reach their target which is, as said earlier, growing views.

Virtual Web and Graphics Design Davao considers a website as a business’s face in the web. And in order to reach more customers, one should invest on having a good website most especially nowadays wherein the web is being used as a primary marketing tool.

How an Outsourcing Company in Davao City Can Help You?

If you want to make the most of your income, reduce your expenses and gain access to specialized skills and services while saving on money, time and infrastructure, well you might be interested with outsourcing. There are plenty of outsourcing companies in Davao City that are waiting to deliver you the best benefits of outsourcing. Read on to find out how an outsourcing company can help you.

• Cost advantage
An outsourcing company can help you get the same services with the same quality for a much lower cost like graphics design and web design. Outsourcing varies largely on costs if to be compared to hiring local in-house employees. This cost-advantage has amplified the quantity of services that are being handed on to outsourcing companies and is the best benefit you can get by outsourcing.

• Save Big!
By outsourcing you can save on every outlook of your business and boost your earnings. An outsourcing company can help you save on effort, time, infrastructure and manpower. Given that you don’t have to spend on these, you can save on making unnecessary fixed investments and expensive software and technologies as well.

• Gain access to specialize services
An outsourcing company can help you acquire professional and skilled services which is the why more and more businesses are considering this as a good option. The job that you outsource might not be your expertise, but getting an outsourcing partner who is an expert in that specific business process could help you in getting a more proficient result.

• Increase efficiency
Another benefit an outsourcing company can offer you is increased efficiency. With all your tasks being outsource to experts and professionals your company can get a higher level of competence. High quality output could directly increase your market competence which could lead to more clients thus more profit.

Outsourcing can indeed offer you a lot of benefits that will help you get your business’ highest potential like graphics and web design. Contact your perfect outsourcing partner for your business and reap the benefits of outsourcing today.

7 Reasons to Hire a Davao Based Web Design Company

An effective web site will draw customers towards your business, produces sales leads and close sales multiplying your income along the way. Proficient web design companies should combine exceptional and innovative design with high-tech technology and maintenance to make an effective website package that demands results. Outsourcing in Davao City, Philippines is a great way not only to save money but also to have a guaranteed outcome in web design Davao. Following are 7 reasons to think about hiring a Davao based web designer for an effective web design:

1. The costs are Linked To Results
Web design Davao companies often combine flat fees with hourly billing for software design and installation. It’s in no way advisable to engage into open-ended billing relationships with Web site designers until the maintenance phase associated with the project.

2. It Makes Billing Easy
Experienced web design companies in Davao mostly charges twenty to fifty percent of linked with the project fee early, and receive payment through checks and major credit cards.

3. It Shares Its Work
Web design companies push their designers to have portfolios representing their full capability work, customer information and testimonials. You can request portfolios to review the designer’s efficiency in web design solutions.

4. Well-organized Web Site Design Professionals combine Stock and Scratch sources
Web design Davao always preserves a set of stock templates and images to expedite work. They choose a proper stock template and customize it from the start in order to achieve client-specific requirements and be certain in uniqueness and originality in design.

5. It has Distinguished Design and Hosting
A lot of web page design firms propose complementary and inexpensive Web-hosting solutions, usually as a part of their maintenance packages. Web Design Davao provides outstanding uptime, and consistent service.

6. Honest about Costs and Turnaround Time
Professional web design firms will give you precise estimates about their charges and rates, speed and turnaround time. Companies that are more costly often have smaller waiting lists. If you are eager to wait, you can get optimum quality web design by having the site done when the designer can cater your needs than getting it done right away.

7. Davao Web Designers communicate well
Web Design Davao supports many modes of communication for working together with their customers. Phone, Skype and email are all familiar methods but they might also have a helpdesk system or even live chat.

Web Design Davao goes by with their above-mentioned practices. Above all, they make customers feel comfortable about wandering into unfamiliar ventures. Web Design Davao can help you avoid wasting money, time and effort so you can guarantee an improved online business.

Why it’s Best to Hire an Outsourcing Company in Davao City?

Selecting a service provider is not a decision that comes easily. You’ll be handing out the responsibilities involved in a specific task or set of tasks to a third party company. These include meeting quality and standards. It is only natural that you would want to hire a service provider that is up for the task. You want to find and work with a top, reliable outsourcing firm that has the best staff working for you. You have a good a chance of doing so if you hire an outsourcing company in Davao.

The voice services sector of the Philippines outsourcing industry is a leader in the global market. Many headlines and articles have dubbed the country as a top global provider of voice services. So if you are going to outsource, it makes sense to consider outsourcing firms in Davao.

From all indications, the Illumedia Outsourcing Davao City Philippines remains on track toward further success and staying at the top as one of the leaders in the global outsourcing market in the field of graphics and web design.

Among a number of advantages, is that outsourced employees from Davao offer cultural fit. Filipinos are known for their affinity for Western culture, growing up with a considerable portion of American culture, including significant events and icons. Aside from that, Filipino employees are, in general, hospitable, warm, and attentive.

Also, Filipinos have excellent communication skills, which is very importantthroughout all sectors and businesses. The Philippine workforce is highly proficient in spoken and written English, including American idioms, because Filipinos grew up with English as one of the main subjects in class since grade school.

Another edge that an outsourcing company in Davao has is full support from the government. The administration continues to provide support for the outsourcing industry’s growth by constantly improving the utility infrastructure and the regulatory environment. The Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing sector is one of the five industries that the government is prioritizing for development. The government also supports outsourcing firms in the Philippines by offering fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors like exemptions on local permits and taxes.


The Benefits of Having Websites Today

There are a lot of reasons why your business needs a professional website! Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao City believes that even small business owners need a website. This is mainly because of the vast opportunity in the internet market.  Nowadays, more consumers use the internet as a medium to search for the products or services they need or desire. Having a website which is professionally done will make your business gain more credibility and online presence, most especially for an up and coming small business.

A website saves you money for small and start-up businesses always have the option to start as home bases businesses. From there you can market your product, compared with the cost of an ad in the newspaper, when you consider the target market you can reach with a website, it is a very cost effective way to promote and market your business with less cost expenses.

Furthermore, as your business is up and running, you will have the advantage of constant enabling to keep your customers informed and it is easier to update the information of your products and services, it is an effective way of informing your clients of new products, upcoming events, special promotions, and other services that you may offer.

In addition for the benefits of having a website today for your business are the following, IT IS ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE, A WEBSITE MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO TARGET A LARGER AUDIENCE, IT PROVIDES A MEDIUM ON WHICH TO SHOWCASE YOUR WORK, A WEBSITE SAVES YOU TIME and IT IMPROVES CUSTOMER SERVICE. Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao City strongly believes that having to create and capture your own market for your business through a website is truly an advantage.