What are the global trends in outsourcing?

What are the global trends in outsourcing?

llumedia Outsourcing of Davao investigates on what are the possible global trends and indicators in outsourcing for the year 2016. The leading edge of any business of today is always interested in the varied services of outsourcing and to assist the long-term objectives of its seller. It has evolved since organizations from worldwide locations, like the United States of America and Europe commenced to outsource their business processes, with its destination such as the Philippines, Brazil, India, Poland and other Asian countries.

We have witnessed in 2015 the phase or gradual change in outsourcing trends from the customers as well as the seller’s point of view. While in this year there will be more shifts in the matter such as Data security; Adaption to cloud; Customer expectation and the Costs. It is important to embrace these current changes in the business processes. Now let us take a look or ponder and to think deeply at some of the possible movement or trends of the global outsourcing market.

  • Cloud service provider will excite better rivalry in IT infrastructure market
  • Better quality of service rather than seeking primarily cost savings
  • Stirring towards a centralized system
  • Make out for cloud ignorance
  • Diminish multiple suppliers
  • Near vicinity to Public sector clients
  • Client service will remain to be the major focus point

This is the list of 2016 outsourcing trends that you must consider and if you are looking for an outsourcing strategy for your company. At Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao we view our clients as our partners in the business.

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