We Got It!

Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao had a successful and fun team building! It was a sunny Friday morning and everybody was so excited and in a very positive mood. We headed off for the road expectant of the much awaited event. As we traveled from Davao, the atmosphere inside the van was so lively and full of laughter. What contributed to this is a little secret. People from Illumedia or Illumedians as we’ve been called, have tremendous passion for music. A lot of the people in the team are musicians so there was a lot of singing involved. We had lunch in a restaurant and afterwards we proceeded at the resort.

The team building was held at Tropical Kanakbai beach resort, Mati Davao Oriental. The resort is located along Dahican’s seventeen kilometers of crystal waters and white sand beach shores. One can definitely say that the resort is really “A Home Away from Home”. We felt the hospitality of the staff and we got pampered with luxury and comfort.

It had unsoiled and beautiful scenery and the beach itself made it so refreshing. The big waves and ripples of water sounded like music of relaxation. We took a long rest before we commenced with the several activities and programs lined-up for the event.

We had fun playing:

Do not break the egg
The Story of my Life
Salt and Pepper
Cheering competition

People were assigned to teams representing the colors green, blue, yellow and red. In each team there were six members. Aside from developing our skills together as a team through the activities, of course there were gift and cash prices that came along with it. Everyone was high-spirited throughout the whole day. As dinner approached, the men and women were dressed in colorful semi-formal attire, that suited the ambiance.

After dinner, the stage was set for the mini concert of the Illumedian artists. Everyone was content and entertained. We really had a recreational and satisfying evening. The following day, after breakfast, we met the challenge of the huge waves of Dahican and went swimming!. By lunch time, our co- worker took the liberty of preparing a meal for us. Everyone indeed participated and had a wonderful time.

Every Illumedian would agree, that was one of our best team buildings. We would like also thank our President, Ms. Eliza Kirsten B. Magno and our Vice-President, James Mathew B. Magno for the guidance and showing us, that in Illumedia Outsourcing of Davao, we are a family.

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