The Illumedia Mission and Vision

  • Provide employees with opportunities for growth in his/her chosen field of expertise
  • Provide the opportunity to work in a happy and conducive environment for work where honesty and integrity take the front seat in dealing with clients and one another
  • Encourage lasting and healthy relationships with each other to promote the solidity of the team
  • Provide an open and constructive communication and allow a free flowing exchange of ideas
  • Promote honest work for honest pay
  • Deliver the best quality of work for each client
  • Give an opportunity to build own personal portfolio

There are thousands of Mission and Vision Statements out there.  They are uplifting yes but are they actually being achieved?  Illumedia was but a company that started off with three people and has now ballooned into a group of fourteen individuals.  It is officially now more than a month since we’ve actually moved in into a new office with a more organized set-up, I think it’s time for evaluation wouldn’t you agree?

For more than a month now new people have been welcomed, trained and given the chance to build their own personal portfolio.

Camaraderie is slowly being built through weekly company meetings, team meetings and trainings nonetheless. Correction and constructive criticism is practiced through the “Nip things at the bud” philosophy.  Anyone who falls into the twilight zone of inefficiency is given a little nudge and given more motivation to fuel up passion once again.

An organizational chart has been properly structured to grant a clear and open line of communication wherein any member of the team’s idea, sentiment or concern is without a doubt given ample opportunity to be heard.  So far, this has worked like a charm because response and feedback has been immediate without the compromise of disrupting the flow of productivity in terms of work.

Forty-two days is no guarantee on the accomplishment of what this company has set its heart to achieve but we can safely say that it is wonderfully right on track.

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