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If you want to be better you have to be adaptable to change.  In such a short span of time, everyone in our team has been constantly checking out the system based on our own observations and of course the different feedbacks we have had with our clients.  Last Saturday, one of our clients pointed out some concerns and this made the management pin-point a few weak links.


There was no tsunami caused by panic but we didn’t just shrug-off our shoulders as well.  It made us pause and sit back for quite a reasonable amount of time to evaluate what went
wrong.  Humility is so evasive these days so we want it to be our friend.  We know it will be one of the few foundations that will help us grow and strengthen as a team.  We are not dictated by what other people say or think about us in a gullible manner so to say but we care if it affects them and our relationship with them.


Well the truth is, no one is perfect.  A cliche?  Unless you embrace this truth, you cannot move forward.  They say the truth hurts, well it can also be funny.  I learned all this in our Monday weekly meeting through a very mood-uplifting animation.  Here it goes…

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"Purple" Depicts Resilience and Humility

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