Snail Mail Confirms that We are on the Map!

Do you remember your first stuffed toy?

Your first day of school?

Your first teacher?

How about your first crush?

In a world of “firsts” it is more likely that you would remember these people and events because they pose a great deal of significance.  However, if I do ask you if you remember your first snail mail well I know that will be hard for you.  More or less it will be just one of those vague memories you haven’t really held on to.  This is not quite surprising because considering the technology we have now, snail mails are not really such a big deal.  If you try to think of it instant messaging, emails and the like are more convenient.  These technological advancements really make the World Wide Web the new status quo.

Last Monday June 27, 2011 Illumedia received its first snail mail from Google.  It wonderfully stated that our team is now available via Google Maps.  We can now be searched on the internet  and our location, contact information and driving directions are now readily available online.
This is definitely one snail mail we will never forget.  Illumedia—-is now on the map!

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