What Makes a Good Graphic Design?

A good graphic design expresses information and imparts ideas. Low quality design messes up this communication by interfering it. The philosophies of design are tools we use to layout the component of design (color, texture, shape, etc.). Here are the key fundamentals of graphic design Philippines in making a good and effective graphic design:


As what a certain notion said, “The whole is the sum of its parts.” Graphic design Philippines balance, design elements in order to create a whole that has equilibrium.


Like balance, adequate proportion is necessary to maintain a good relation of parts within the whole. It’s the consideration and weight of parts with respect to the whole graphic design output.


Graphic design Philippines consider contrast an important component in designing. Without contrast, a design can be boring. As balance and proportion facilitate to keep cohesiveness, contrast spices up interest.


Graphic design Philippines believes that less is more. Usually, simplicity tends to highlight a design’s objective more effectively than complexity.


Graphic design Philippines believes that when components are arranged well the sense of direction is created. This helps guide the viewer’s eye and can stress the design’s intent.


Graphic design Philippines considers it important to arrange design elements to create a hierarchy of visual value.


Conceivably most significant to overall value of design is space. As this can be overlooked by many designers, graphic design Philippines considers this as important as dominance. Usually, a design fails without space.

While the graphic design Philippines philosophy listed above are very important, they are not complete. Graphic design Philippines live by these principles and incorporate philosophies they think that is necessary in order to produce a good quality graphic design that will all together result to a great satisfaction to clients graphic design Philippines has worked with.

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