Illumedia Teambuilding

Under the scorching heat of the sun, team Illumedia set sail for the two-day teambuilding activity held at Punta del Sol, Samal Island last April 11 to April 12, 2015.

The bi-annual company teambuilding activities officially started with the small groups rallying a cheer.  The most creative and most fun group cheer got a prize.  Then the games followed starting off with the balloon finger balance.  The game is a contest of who can balance the balloon at the tip of their fingers. Players were not allowed to hold the balloon with their hands and must have the balloon in direct contact at all times. The last person with the balloon grants a prize for his/her team.

The last game played is called “zombie”. A person will choose a “zombie”. The zombie will be the one responsible for pricking or popping the balloons the others. Each person will have a balloon clearly exposed. The zombie is released and has to populate by popping the balloons of the people. If a player’s balloon is popped or picked by accident or by a zombie, they instantly become a zombie and must hunt down those who have bloated balloons.

As the day drew to an end everybody ate dinner on a long table with banana leaves with grilled food and green mangoes.  Before going to bed, the team had their short film presentations. Two short films were shown. Directors Ralph dela Cerna and Ken Marlu Cataluña presented Rooftop and #Akala respectively.

After the presentation, Kristian James Pondoc and Cha Geronimo were awarded as the best actor and best actress. Ronald Mangadlao on the other hand was awarded as the best supporting actor while, Ren-Ren Monzon won the best supporting actress. Ralph delaCerna won as best director and lastly Ken Cataluña bagged the best short film award with a winning prize of a team lunch or dinner.

The second day of the teambuilding activity was fun-filled with the Punta del Sol Inland Tour. Team illumedia was given the opportunity to explore the wonders of the scenery in Samal Island—including Hagimit Falls and Kaputian amongst others.  At 3:00pm, April 12, 2015, with memories to take as treasures, team Illumedia returned to Davao safely.

The team realized that getting along with other people is very important. The success of the team does not merely depend on the individual skills or the abilities but the contribution and effort of everyone in the team. An Illumedian humbly states, “Through the team building, our knowledge of each other has been enhanced, allowing us to feel, empathize and assess not just our connection with the other members but as well as ourselves, helping us develop our character. The Team building has helped us connive more and made our bond stronger than ever – an important force that will horizon the team’s success.”


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