Illumedia Swarms Facebook

Bzzzzzzzzzzz!!!   Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Illumedia busy bees create a buzz as Illumedia launches its very first promotional campaign.  The campaign is promoted through an email blast with the mighty use of email flyers.  We are giving away free Facebook fanpage banners for the first one hundred people who sign-up!

Yup it’s absolutely free.


We are not cheapskates LOL.

Seriously, we want to show everyone the advantages of using social media with regards to building up a business.  People will undoubtedly be able to experience first hand how they can establish and market with style.  We believe that a large percentage of people are online and most importantly using different types of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.   Shouting in the midst of a crowd is also as efficient as shouting at the crowd to come to you.  This is such an exciting event for the whole team as we help others help themselves.

Like.  🙂

View the Campaign Here.

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