Benefits of Mobile Web Design Davao

The benefits of having a good and effective mobile website design for your business is endless. Mobile is the highest shooting market in the world today. People from all parts of the world are using their mobile devices for everything; from online shopping to finding local services and so much more. That is why you need the best mobile web design for your business and mobile web design Davao can help you with that. Mobile users look forward to a satisfying browsing experience on their smartphones or tablets whenever they visit your website. Mobile web design Davao can help you take advantage on these wonderful mobile web design benefits for your business.

  • You reach your targeted mobile audience and convert these satisfied visitors into customers. Since more and more people are opting to use mobile phones over traditional laptop and desktop, mobile web design Davao can help you obtain more customers by having a user friendly mobile web design.
  • Your mobile website proves your mobile audience that you care. Being in touch with your clients may it be on conventional websites or on mobile web can show that you think you are concern of what your audience think about you. With mobile web design Davao you can stay connected with your clients wherever they are.
  • Your mobile site will load in no time and not spoil your potential clients away. Mobile sites are expected to loaf faster compared to PC websites. With mobile web design Davao, faster loading means faster transaction and faster credits.
  • Your products or services are accessible 24/7 on an extensive variety of mobile devices. Given that connectivity is important, mobile web design Davao makes you accessible anytime regardless of their location.
  • Provides an easy incorporation of mobile social media. Incorporating a business’ social fan pages with a mobile website is the key in establishing a stable customer base. By discovering the efficiency of offering price specials or coupon codes by means of mobile social media, mobile web design Davao helps on keeping your customers from come back for more.
  • You can achieve a more diverse approach in advertising. Mobile advertisements are now trite in a lot of different apps that users install on their tablets or smartphones. Mobile web design Davao unveils the possibilities of prospected advertising to consumers who download apps in particular categories. Incorporating ads for associated products will trigger these mobile users to remember your company name in the ads.  This results to a higher chance of having that user to check out your website. This form of mobile advertising is greatly targeted and can be customized to mobile browsing practice more so than with desktop or laptop based browser advertising.

Guidelines in Creating a Mobile Design

Mobile web browsing is anticipated to become the next biggest Internet platform. Today, surfing the internet from almost anywhere is made possible using handheld devices. Mobile design Davao considers designing for mobile devices to be less complicated and more function-based compared to its conventional desktop website to have the task done quickly as users search for something fast and easy to use.

Mobile design Davao takes great thought into making use of the smallest amount of space for the client’s major contents and how to have it constantly appealing for mobile users. Mobile design Davao avoids using flash animation and large images for it will only slow down the loading time of mobile sites. Mobile design Davao considers true that functionality is rather more essential than style it might look good on one phone but awkward on another or else worse does not display anything at all. Mobile design Davao sees to always test and check if it’s compatible with all mobile devices.

Here are some of Mobile design Davao guidelines to help know how to establish an effective mobile website:

1. Determine the screen resolution

2. Divide web pages into small parts

3. Make the design straightforward

4. Have an option to view the full website

5. Navigation placement

6. Make use of text links

7. Compose a difference between the selected links

8. Look at entry points as a guide for whether to do an app or not

9. Use analytics to define what devices to focus on

10. Design from the user’s viewpoint

As mobile devices become more receptive and adaptive, the procedure in designing one becomes more complicated. These guidelines helped Mobile Design Davao create great and effective websites and this might help you too. Remember that these are just guidelines to help your way through designing but the creativity is in your hands. Like Mobile Design Davao, you too can make amazing mobile sites.

What Makes a Good Graphic Design?

A good graphic design expresses information and imparts ideas. Low quality design messes up this communication by interfering it. The philosophies of design are tools we use to layout the component of design (color, texture, shape, etc.). Here are the key fundamentals of graphic design Philippines in making a good and effective graphic design:


As what a certain notion said, “The whole is the sum of its parts.” Graphic design Philippines balance, design elements in order to create a whole that has equilibrium.


Like balance, adequate proportion is necessary to maintain a good relation of parts within the whole. It’s the consideration and weight of parts with respect to the whole graphic design output.


Graphic design Philippines consider contrast an important component in designing. Without contrast, a design can be boring. As balance and proportion facilitate to keep cohesiveness, contrast spices up interest.


Graphic design Philippines believes that less is more. Usually, simplicity tends to highlight a design’s objective more effectively than complexity.


Graphic design Philippines believes that when components are arranged well the sense of direction is created. This helps guide the viewer’s eye and can stress the design’s intent.


Graphic design Philippines considers it important to arrange design elements to create a hierarchy of visual value.


Conceivably most significant to overall value of design is space. As this can be overlooked by many designers, graphic design Philippines considers this as important as dominance. Usually, a design fails without space.

While the graphic design Philippines philosophy listed above are very important, they are not complete. Graphic design Philippines live by these principles and incorporate philosophies they think that is necessary in order to produce a good quality graphic design that will all together result to a great satisfaction to clients graphic design Philippines has worked with.

Advantages of Outsourcing to Graphic Designs Davao

A superior design can denote the difference between a well-remembered product and a forgotten one. A graphic design can capture attention, boost sales, and put up an image. The market is gradually more motivated by visual content, that is why graphic design Davao uses revolutionary and advanced designs to help clients attract more customers. Businesses need forward-looking designs to be prominent from in a competition. They can subcontract this task to professional Davao-based graphic designers for optimum results and reduced costs. Graphic design Davao can hand over interesting designs for online, print, and mobile platforms. These designers are professionals with excellent skills but on low-cost labor.

By partnering your business with graphic design Davao, your company can from these advantages:

  • Teaming up with experts in graphic design can do wonders for your business. Making a logo design or proposing a new approach and image to an old brand is exciting and frustrating at the same time. Head on for something better by engaging on a fresh and appealing design by outsourcing to  graphic design Davao.
  • Graphic design Davao produces quality graphic design at a very affordable price. The cost of living in the Philippines is undeniably lower compared to other countries which make the labor rates relatively lower as well. Davao is home to skilled graphic designers willing to offer your business endless opportunities at a very affordable price.
  • Graphic design Davao is quite known to deliver value added service. A partnership and outsourcing deal could not work out well if both sides can’t communicate and understand each other. Davao graphic designers have good command in the English language that comes in handy when working with western clients. Filipinos in general can relate well to a Western audience, making it possible for them to create designs that are interesting and appealing to an international market.
  • Another factor why graphics design Davao is sought for is that it is open and familiar to new media and technology developments as well. Davao graphic designers constantly increase their improvement in the field of arts and even commerce so that they’ can present new and innovative ways for various clients worldwide.

Graphic design is among the most creative pursuits in the Philippines. Filipinos are very creative, and their cultural affinity with Westerns makes them a perfect destination to offshore graphic designers. Philippines, Davao in particular is home to creative designers. Whether you require an ad design for your product otherwise a logo design for your website, graphic design Davao can help you with that. Graphic design Davao has the skill set to bring out creative and fresh designs that can truly captivate whatever audience you are aiming for.


Why Outsource Web Designs in Davao?

It is undeniable that the web design industry in the Philippines is a continuously growing sector in the country and is expanding from city to city. Nowadays, web designs outsourcing in Davao is already a making its way up in the BPO industry on a worldwide scale. Named as most practicable city for BPOs, the city is rapidly soaring up as one of the top service provider to a number of large companies based in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Devotion and Enthusiasm

Filipinos, most specifically Davaoeňosare very devotedwhen it comes to doing what they love and if you come abouthiringa person who is very devotedand enthusiastic when it comes with web designing and all its ins and outs and its complexities, then you can look forward to more than just a high-quality web theme and coding by web designs outsourcing in Davao.

Education & Skills

In terms of computer programming, a lot ofDavao based web designers are skillful with a variety of web design platforms and languages. It is commonto hear of a Filipino web designer who is skilled and endowed in software like Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks,Illustrations, and Flash. A lot of Filipinos are definitely proficient in different web scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP / SQL, HTML5, and CSS to name some.

Although there is no precise figure to ascertain the number of Davao-based web designers who are actually skilled in various web designing software and platforms, it is tough to disagree that the actual figure is comparatively small, bearing in mind that there are a lot of web designing schools that shoot up in the city today. Moreover, leading colleges and universities in the Philippines have included web designing and development as a division of the course for college students who are taking computer studies, electronics and communications, computer engineering, business administration, and information technology.

What charges should I pay?

There are no customary rates for services in web designs outsourcing in Davao. Prices differ in accordance to a range of factors such as skill and expertise of the employee or web designer time windows and cut-off dates, and other terms set by the customers. However, despite the extensive knowledge of Davao-based web designers, charges for web design outsourcing in Davao is still understated which means you get optimum results in a very economical price.


Davao City, as I said is the most viable destination for web designs and is expected to expand and rule out the industry. Growing number companies from countries like the United States,Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates are now benefiting from high-quality and efficientweb designs simply by choosing web designs outsourcing in Davao.





Top Reasons Why Outsourcing in the Philippines is best for Your Business

As the BPO industry in the country continues to grow, the number of companies outsourcing in the Philippines persist to develop as well. The rapid increase of investors from different countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia is proof why the country is the best BPO outsourcing destination. But if you’re still not convinced,here are some reasons why outsourcing in the Philippines is the best option you can get in the market.

Filipinos are talented.

The Philippines is currently a hot market in outsourcing website optimization, IT services, internet marketing, call centre operations, and virtual staffing. With the country’s updated technologies today where communication, connection and workflow can be administered by the use of online applications, establishing anoffshore staff in the Philippines is not unworkable.In addition to that, Filipinos are generally hard working and committed. That alone is anexcellent reason why outsourcing in the Philippines will truly give your business a head start.

The cost advantage is a matter of fact. 

Outsourcing in the Philippines will of course require money, but it does not measure up to the cost of starting an office in-house. Apart from the lower cost of labor in the Philippines, the cost of establishing a business and the infrastructures required are all at cheaper costs too. You can have office spaces, computers and workstations with the help of BPO companies situated in the Philippines. They can arrange your office, help you hire your workers and ultimately run your business as if it is their own so you don’t have to worry too much.

Filipinos have a good command in the English language and American culture.

This probably is the Philippines’ highest selling point and is perhaps the reason why the country is the first choice ofeminent companies. Thanks to the American colonization that went on for almost 50 years. Filipinos are fluent in English which means fewer occurrences of miscommunication and instructions being lost in culture rendition. Hence makes outsourcing in the Philippines highly beneficial.

Quality work and output on Lower Cost 

Given that the general cost of living is significantly lower in the Philippines compared to the US, UK and Australia, outsourcing companies can invest a smaller amount but gain substantial return for their investment in the country. With hard work and conscientiousnessin each and every output, foreign businesses instinctively acquire the best out of the money by outsourcing in the Philippines.

Outsourcing in the Philippines is a great proposal that any company can look into. If you are simply findingmeans to make the most of your resources, to spend a lesser amount of time and money but fulfill your business requirements, outsourcing your business tasks to the Philippines may perhaps be a great idea to take you there.


6 Tips for an Effective Mobile App Design

In the mobile world, having a good mobile app design is very critical. A good app is one which users would want to use over and over again. And great mobile apps all comprise one thing in common – an effectively implemented design suitable for the platform and use. Occasionally, it takes a handful of bad experiences (zero-to-no amount of downloads) to get the string up of user experience in mobile devices, but at times it’s much simpler and practical to learn from professional tips than to experience this.

Here are six mobile app design tips to increase customer satisfaction and to keep them coming back.

1) Pixel Perfect Design

In amobile app design, eachand every detail is significant. An excellent design makes every pixel count. You have to make sure the image is neither stretched nor compressedso it will have to look its best.

2) Style

Choosing every font with caution and consideration is very essential for a great user experience. Take time and comprehend the idealpartitions among titles, subtitles and content with colors, italic, bold, fonts and of course sizes. Given thatmobile app designs are made to occupy less space, small adjustments can make anenormous difference.

3) Mobile Apps Vary From Websites

It is not necessary to redraft the way of making apps. Imitating the way an iPhone or Android functionsin nature makes mobile app designs easier to use. Consumers are used tointeracting with apps like phone, calendar e-mail, and browsers. Moreover, using specific and standard features is preferable in most cases.

4) Design for respective platforms

Keep in mind that iPhone experience, look and function,is distinct from Android.Improve your marketability by knowing what mobile app design works best for each respective platform.

5) Navigation

Easy navigation is important to a good mobile app design.There are instances where in an app can be aesthetically pleasing, but deficient in terms of functionality and navigation.Navigation is one of the most significant features of an app and is not a place to try alternative methods.

6) Color scheme and contrast

Choosing the right color scheme is one of the more imaginative aspects of mobile app design. But remember to be mindful with using too many colors, specifically when designing a theme or an icon. Learn usage set-ups to help you in your color scheme and contrast choices.

You can come up with an amazing mobile app design by following these tips or you can simply outsource this task to companies that specializes on mobile app designs. Through this you can assure you can get the best results for an optimum mobile app design. All you have to do is make sure you choose the right partner to this task for you and you will be amazed by how limitless a mobile app design benefits could be.


Relief Drive for Yolanda/Haiyan Victims

(Note: the video above is not by Illumedia)


May God bless your hearts!

Our team, along with some family and friends have organized a drive for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan which will begin on Friday  November 15, 2013 (Philippine Time)

We will definitely be sending all the help we receive to the Philippine Red Cross Davao City Chapter

The Red Cross Davao City Chapter has advised us that they are in need of the following per family affected:
1. 5 Kilos of Uncooked Rice
2. 4 Ready To Eat Viands in Foil Packs —> Red Cross Philippines in a statement today has advised against sending of noodles.
3. 4 Sardines (Preferably in Foil Packs or Easy to Open Cans)

The cost of sending help to 1 family is approximately 300 Philippine Pesos or 7 USD (estimates have been revised due to noodles being difficult to cook for survivors)

You may also send bottled water to Red Cross Davao City Chapter directly.

If you haven’t sent help yet and wish to do so you may send your donations via the donate button below .  We assure you that all proceeds will be given to the Red Cross

We will be using all cash donations to buy goods to be repacked by our volunteers.  Illumedia has pledged to shoulder the fees for the means of transportation to make deliveries and meals to volunteers.

2 Corinthians 9:7

7 Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Thank you!

To God be the glory!


  • As of November 21 – 8:44AM

    PhP 153,612.10 = 512 families (estimate)

    • Origin of donations:
      • United States
      • United Kingdom
      • Ireland
      • Philippines
      • Australia
      • Singapore

**DELIVERED to Red Cross** 367 Food Packages  NOV. 15, 2013

Some Photos:


Source –

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 12.54.42 AM




FOR VOLUNTEERS IN DAVAO CITY: Kindly sign up via this form.



  • Cash
  • Uncooked Rice
  • Sardines in Foil Packs / Easy to open cans
  • Other Ready to Eat Viands in Foil Packs / Easy to open cans
  • Bottled Water



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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Web Design

If you can spot the right web design company, you must realize that it should come with various packages. From content management services to search engine optimization, these things come in packages these days including web design offers from internet companies. In this day’s modern age, you should realize that your choices are not just limited to letting companies help you. If you are serious about considering web design, why not just hire the services of freelancers?

There plenty of debates today regarding the benefits of outsourcing. You can’t talk about outsourcing if you don’t desire to give freelancing a good look. With the present needs that come with regards to creating a website, these are a few of the benefits of outsourcing your web design needs.

1.) Choose your expert.

You can now hire a freelance web designer of your choice anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, South Asia offers the best web design people because of their experience in various online related works. With more professionals advertising online, you may now find the right people conveniently and easily.

2.) Get It Cheap.

Since you could outsource the other work to South Asian countries, you can be rest assured that everything is a way cheaper. Not like hiring help from North American web designers, things can be easier for your wallet. And with the quality of work they produce, you may still keep the results that you desire.

3.) Easy Transactions.

Instead of dealing with companies, you deal with just one person. Meaning, you may both call him or her and give instructions via Skype. You can just pay them by the hour or through PayPal.

These things are some of the many benefits of outsourcing in regards to web design. Although, you can’t forget the fact that some people are trying to decrease the stress they are experiencing with websites. They try to avail packages with the web design services, making everything easy.

Illumedia Rising Above the Challenge : Team Building


Last October 11, 2013, we had our team building at Samal Island. This year’s theme was ‘Illumedia Synergized—Rising Above the Challenge‘. If you look up the definition of ‘synergy‘, it means the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Here at Illumedia, we are more than just co-workers, we are a family.

So how did we live up to this year’s theme? Like we always do, working together as a team and producing better results as one. Admin prepared several team-building games that helped us exercise working together. Working together as a team inside and outside the office definitely helps us build more trust and aids us in improving our communication with one another. There were also talks and moments of group sharing which helped in making our team’s bond grow stronger. This year’s team building was amazing!

Everything was professionally put together and perfectly arranged. The whole team had so much fun, tons of laughter, and a healthy dose of competitiveness. It was truly an amazing experience and the team feels bonded now more than ever. We are grateful for our wonderful President, Ms. Eliza Magno, she truly knows how to keep the ‘family’ together. Everyone went home with high spirits!

By: Myka G.

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