5 Tips in Choosing Outsourcing Companies in Davao City

There are certain things that you must know before choosing an outsourcing company to get in partnership with. Trusting the implementation of some areas of your business to an outsider is not an easy thing to do. After all, one wrong move can put you out of business before you even know it.

With the generous number of outsourcing companies that are sprouting here and there these days, it’s quite difficult to choose the right one. Here are some tips that can help you pick out the perfect outsourcing company in Davao City.


Always ask the right questions to find out every detail about the company that you’re about to work with. How long have they been in the business? How many employees do they have? How did their business start? These are just examples, ask everything that you can because being knowledgeable about something will make things easier for you.

Project Experience

Get them to discuss the types of projects that they have worked on in the past. Ask if they have significant experience on working on a project that is like yours. If possible, meet the team that worked on that project and assess their expertise on the matter.


This is probably one of the most important areas in choosing an outsourcing company in Davao City. They should be able to produce several client references to prove their reliability. A great outsourcing company must be able to provide a list of references that includes up-to-date information about their company. Check if their clients were happy with the results of their work or if their previous clients have referred them to others.

Quality Services

The outsourcing company must be able to provide product certifications and defined implementation methodologies. These are just some of the things that will give you an assurance that your business is in good hands.

Constant Communication

The level of communication provided by the outsourcing company is very important – it can either make or break your project’s success with them. Be a keen observer on how everyone from their company interacts with you and with each other. You have to make sure that the whole team will be working well toward your success. They should keep you updated on the progress and changes concerning your business. The bottom line is, when choosing an outsourcing company in Davao City always follow your requirements and your instincts.

Outsourcing Davao – The Rationale, Risks and Rewards

Owners of small companies in Davao have probably thought of outsourcing some aspect of their businesses to enjoy its numerous benefits. For one, it can help cut costs for various business functions including accounting, human resource, marketing, information technology and many more. Outsourcing can help you run an entire business without hiring even a single employee.

Reasons for Outsourcing

  • Reduce and Control Operating Costs – Illumedia Outsourcing in Davao can help any business person eliminate the costs associated with hiring an employee which may include training expenses, employment taxes and retirement plans.
  • Improve Company Focus –It was never practical or possible to be a ‘jack of all trades’. Outsourcing can help you focus on your business’ core competencies while letting a different company focus on what you can’t handle.
  • Maximize Restructuring Benefits – Restructuring your business to improve the quality of your service may sometimes lead to your non-core business functions being taken for granted. Avoid committing this mistake by outsourcing the non-core aspects to the experts.

There are many more reasons why you should consider outsourcing for your business. Aside from reducing the costs and risks, it will also help your business stay afloat amidst the tough competition in the industry.

The Risks of Outsourcing

Critics of outsourcing always argue the risks involved in giving someone else the responsibility for your business. The following are some of the most nagging questions that business owners have about the issue.

  • Control May be Lost –common arguments about this involve confidentiality of data and disaster of recovery.
  • Morale of Employees may be Affected – laying off some of your employees to hire and outsourcing firm may give your remaining employees the idea that their jobs are at risk.
  • Being ‘Locked-In’ – most outsourcing companies require their clients to sign a year to year contract that may limit your business’ flexibility.

The Rewards of Outsourcing

Although there may be possible risks when outsourcing, there are also many rewards that you can expect especially when you outsource your company’s IT functions.

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology – numerous software and hardware can easily be passé in the industry of business. Outsourcing may give you the benefit of having more than one IT professional to keep everything up-to-date.
  • Cost Savings – again and again, Illumedia outsourcing in Davao or anywhere else can help you cut down costs. When it comes to IT services, the benefits range from bulk purchasing and leasing options for hardware and software to compliance with government regulations.

Flexibility – your internal staff may have limited capabilities while outsourcing companies have innumerable resources

Why Is It Best to Hire an Outsourcing Company in Davao?

Selecting a service provider is not a decision that comes easily. You’ll be handing out the responsibilities involved for a specific task or set of tasks to a third party company. These include meeting quality and standards. It is only natural that you would want to hire a service provider that is up for the tasks you require. You want to find and work with a top, reliable outsourcing firm that has the best staff working for you. You have a good a chance of doing so if you hire an outsourcing company in Davao.

The voice services sector of the Philippines outsourcing industry is a leader in the global market. Many headlines and articles have dubbed the country as a top global provider of voice services. So if you are going to outsource, it makes sense to consider outsourcing firms in Davao.

From all indications, the Illumedia Outsourcing Davao Philippines remains on track toward further success and staying at the top as one of the leaders in the global outsourcing market.

Among a number of advantages, is that outsourced employees from Davao offer cultural fit. Filipinos are known for their affinity for Western culture, growing up with a considerable portion of American culture, including significant events and icons. Aside from that, Filipino employees are, in general, hospitable, warm, and attentive.

Also, Filipinos have excellent communication skills, which is very important throughout all sectors and businesses. The Philippine workforce is highly proficient in spoken and written English, including American idioms, because Filipinos grew up with English as one of the main subjects in school.

Another edge that an outsourcing company in Davao has is full support from the government. The administration continues to provide support for the outsourcing industry’s growth by constantly improving the utility infrastructure and the regulatory environment. The Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing sector is one of the five industries that the government is prioritizing for development. The government also supports outsourcing firms in the Philippines by offering fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors like exemptions on local permits and taxes.

Trends in Graphics Design

The concepts of Web design  and Graphic design is quite similar, though the difference of the two is that in graphics it normally comprises of posters, banners and the like.  On the other hand, in web design, it involves the webpage of a certain company, person etc. One of the basics in keeping a well-designed webpage would be keeping it structured. Always create a concept that is simple and organized. Putting boxes everywhere in the page is not being organized.

A web developer should remember to put the right boxes in a structured place. One way of which is putting together the important parts as a focus point while the not-so-important items would be placed at the side, example would be “like our page button” that would navigate the user to the company’s Facebook page.

Another discouragement in creating a web design would be the countless advertisements popping out at the side or on the page. It is a nuisance to the audience seeing irrelevant advertisements being opened unexpectedly. Also, always remember to choose the right colour scheme; it is important to know what palette to use in the site. Another way of an effective web design is to have the users use the site easily.

In creating a website your text doesn’t necessarily have to reach a thousand words. It will not only make the website cluttered, it will also make the audience want to exit the tab because it would look too boring. Set the navigation properly have the proper contents in it. Optimize the website, don’t put too much images not unless if it’s a gallery or portfolio.

For a tip  from graphics design Davao, avoid uploading PNG files and post JPEG with baseline optimized as its format. Like in graphic design, choose the right fonts and sizes, since in the internet, many people from different countries, races, medical conditions etc. will be able to read the website. Lastly, don’t put irrelevant things in the website. It will only make the website chaotic.

Illumedia Teambuilding

Under the scorching heat of the sun, team Illumedia set sail for the two-day teambuilding activity held at Punta del Sol, Samal Island last April 11 to April 12, 2015.

The bi-annual company teambuilding activities officially started with the small groups rallying a cheer.  The most creative and most fun group cheer got a prize.  Then the games followed starting off with the balloon finger balance.  The game is a contest of who can balance the balloon at the tip of their fingers. Players were not allowed to hold the balloon with their hands and must have the balloon in direct contact at all times. The last person with the balloon grants a prize for his/her team.

The last game played is called “zombie”. A person will choose a “zombie”. The zombie will be the one responsible for pricking or popping the balloons the others. Each person will have a balloon clearly exposed. The zombie is released and has to populate by popping the balloons of the people. If a player’s balloon is popped or picked by accident or by a zombie, they instantly become a zombie and must hunt down those who have bloated balloons.

As the day drew to an end everybody ate dinner on a long table with banana leaves with grilled food and green mangoes.  Before going to bed, the team had their short film presentations. Two short films were shown. Directors Ralph dela Cerna and Ken Marlu Cataluña presented Rooftop and #Akala respectively.

After the presentation, Kristian James Pondoc and Cha Geronimo were awarded as the best actor and best actress. Ronald Mangadlao on the other hand was awarded as the best supporting actor while, Ren-Ren Monzon won the best supporting actress. Ralph delaCerna won as best director and lastly Ken Cataluña bagged the best short film award with a winning prize of a team lunch or dinner.

The second day of the teambuilding activity was fun-filled with the Punta del Sol Inland Tour. Team illumedia was given the opportunity to explore the wonders of the scenery in Samal Island—including Hagimit Falls and Kaputian amongst others.  At 3:00pm, April 12, 2015, with memories to take as treasures, team Illumedia returned to Davao safely.

The team realized that getting along with other people is very important. The success of the team does not merely depend on the individual skills or the abilities but the contribution and effort of everyone in the team. An Illumedian humbly states, “Through the team building, our knowledge of each other has been enhanced, allowing us to feel, empathize and assess not just our connection with the other members but as well as ourselves, helping us develop our character. The Team building has helped us connive more and made our bond stronger than ever – an important force that will horizon the team’s success.”


Illumedia: Moving Forward

Have you felt the blazing heat in the city? Who wouldn’t want to have a refreshing getaway in the nippy mountains of Bukidnon?

Last November 7, 2014 the whole Illumedia team left the city for a two-day team building escapade at Seagull Mountain Spring Resort. The travel time took 2 long hours but the smile on our faces upon arrival at the venue was a proof enough that the long ride was all worth it. Mind you, the view was not beautiful, it was breathtaking!

Day 1 was all about building the team. As soon as we had our bags settled and finished lunch, we proceeded to the pavilion atop the hill to begin the games. We were generously grouped into 5 teams. At first, almost everyone was shy and aloof but just as the games began, the timid stares quickly turned into roaring laughters. Everyone had their game faces on but you could see the happiness shining right each one of us.

After the games, we all retreated to our designated quarters to rest and prepare for dinner. The dinner was simple but it was definitely sumptuous and it was made even better by the nurtured company we have with each other.

When all our bellies shouted of satisfaction, we all gathered together for our last activity. We were made to write down comments and affirmations to everyone in the Illumedia family.  And the fun part of this activity is that you have the benefit of staying anonymous to the person you are writing for. Everyone was happy, content and of course surprised of how the rest of the team saw each individual. It was a simple activity but it was a great affirmation that you are well appreciated and well loved.

Day 2 was a follow-up enhancement of the team we have built on day 1. We had no other activity except to enjoying each other’s company. We rose to a cold beautiful morning and soon everybody was busy helping out in preparing breakfast. Indeed, nothing is better than a having breakfast in a scenic view! And right after eating our delightful mountain breakfast, we hurriedly prepared to take freezing dip in the resort’s pool. Icy it is, but we enjoyed it.

It wasn’t until we were about to leave when we totally realized how enjoyable and fun that trip was. And yes, the whole point of the team building was fulfilled. Moving forward? Yes we are! For we went as a team but we came back as a family, and we’re not just moving, we are pushing forward towards a better team, a better dream and a better future here in Illumedia.

Advantages of Working with Virtual Web Design Davao

Today the Davao City offers outstanding outsourcing solutions for different industries worldwide. It is now regarded as a foremost destination when it comes to outsourcing. Services in Web design are a few examples of jobs that are continuously being outsourced Virtual Web Design Davao.

A lot of companies prefer to outsource their services to Virtual Web Design Davao mainly due to cheaper service expenses. Aside from that, partnering with Virtual Web Design Davao guarantee 100% quality results at all times.

Here are some of the benefits with working Virtual Web Design Davao:

1. Search engine optimization.

E-commerce websites must not be narrowed to simple website layouts. It also must be well-optimized. Virtual Web Design Davao will not only deal with the design components of the website but SEO elements as well.

2. Proficiency

Online businesses require more than just an e-commerce website to put on an advantage over their rivals. You must have an efficient Internet marketing tactic that can be given by Virtual Web Design Davao for they are proficient with the newest strategies and best ways on how to promote services or products on the Web.

3. Professionalism

The web designers in the Philippines are getting younger and more efficient. Virtual Web Design Davao is expert in different competencies like search engine optimization, web programming and development, article writing, and custom website design. You can rest certain that all your e-commerce website requirements from design to content will be handled right.

4. English Proficiency

Communication is a real key in a great web design. Language impediments between your company and the design team may direct to irregularity in design and poses a possible project disappointment. Outsourcing to Virtual Web Design Davao reduces that threat since most Filipinos consider English as a second language.

5. A smaller amount of Expenses

Work costs in the Philippines are significantly lower if compared to other countries. This indicates that your labor costs are reduced when you outsource your services Virtual Web Design Davao without sacrificing optimum output.

6 Benefits of Responsive SEO Web Design

These days, we can make a master style sheet that makes web content be fluidly displayed in accordance the display size a user wants. Such feature allows a user not to manage two websites and make its page rank decline by separating web traffic from both usual and mobile site.

Here are the perks of having a receptive SEO Web Design.

1) Improves overall rebound Rate:  If a website looks good on any display size and in any mobile device, rebound rates will get better from users who haven’t had the chance to access the web content they want by using their mobile device.

2) Reduces overall Load Time: Having an SEO Web Design makes users can easily use the web content that they need since it has no redirects. Such feature increases site speed and it can also minimize site maintenance.

3) Because Search Engines Said So: Search engines also offer advice to mobile users. If such websites say that a receptive SEO Web Design is its suggested mobile configuration, grab it! It is easier for search engines to recommend the best web content to its users by having an URL per page. Having a receptive SEO Web Design allows users to have an effortless interaction and content sharing.

4) SEO Efforts aren’t Stretched too Thin:  Optimizing a website is very complicated. Doing it to two different websites is stressful. With an SEO Web Design, you will not experience such complications; you can even use your inbound links without dividing it between your sites.

5) Avoid Same Content:  An SEO Web Design won’t make you feel pressured in making the same content in addition to a new content.

6) Easier for Us: It may take time to produce a complicated and complex style sheet with all the unique image versions and other things but soon, with an SEO Web Design, it will be simple to  sustain a single, master site.




6 Design Tips for a Stunning Mobile App

You may not know it but you have unlimited resources of inspiration in designing a spectacular mobile app.  Mobile Apps Davao will help you in making the best mobile app with the following ideas.


Idea #1: Color theme

Match your app’s color theme with your website, product or blog. Choose the appropriate color ideas that will suit your app design. As much as possible, make your own logo and make it as your app’s header so that your target users can easily identify your app.

Idea #2: Splash screen

Mobile Apps Davao recommends you to have a unique default splash screen. You should be consistent in giving your users the best user experience from having a unique logo (as stated earlier) down to having the most creative and imaginative splash screen. But don’t overdo but make it very simple.

Idea #3: Home screen app icon

Have an original and enticing home screen app. Make your app’s home screen icon be the center of attraction every time your users look in the their device’s home screen. Mobile Apps Davao suggests that you use eye-catching photos.

Idea #4: In-app navigation icons

Mobile Apps Davao wants you to take full control of your app’s features. Make unique navigation icons that will also serve as your apps signature for easy user recall. You can also search for other selections of different UI (user interface) elements if you are having difficulty in making one.

Idea #5: Image quality

Use high quality images. It would be better if you will use your own images and make some tweaks on it. You can even use Photoshop in making unique images. Avoid using blurry and grainy images. Create stunning images that will leave a mark on your users.

Idea #6: Home screen navigation

Match your background images and icons with your chosen navigation setting. Make your app user friendly. Don’t let your users do complex steps in navigating your apps. Make experiments in choosing the appropriate navigation setting.


These ideas will help you in making a visually engaging mobile app but Mobile Apps Davao encourages you not only to be creative in your apps design but also in making equally appealing content. In order for you to have satisfied users, you should also be updated on the different trends where your app is in line with. User satisfaction is the result of having a very effective mobile app and that should be top priority in creating a successful mobile app in the future.


How Mobile Websites Davao Can Help You Create an Effective Mobile Website

The Mobile world is continuing to develop rapidly. And in a fast-paced industry, you need to have an effective mobile website to be competitive. Here are the ways how mobile websites Davao can help you be your best.

1. Trim down the amount of content

Not everything on a traditional site can fit practically on a mobile web page. Mobile websites Davao includes only the most significant content or features which significantly make the website easier to understand and navigate.

2. Single column layouts

Small mobile phone screens make it difficult to view websites with wide pages. Nearly all the texts are unreadable until the viewers zoom in to the portion of the screen they want to look into. Mobile websites Davao prefers to remove low priority content and organize the this using a single column layout as the page should expand downwards rather than across, as for mobile phones scrolling down is easier than scrolling across and users generally prefer it.

3. Design the navigation differently

It’s hard to install the navigation across the top of the screen on a mobile web page. Piling at the top portion of the screen would have the content too far down. Mobile websites Davao can settle this by placing the navigation at the bottom where clients can still access the navigation keys, however it doesn’t obstruct from reading the web content.

4. Reduce text entry

It is needless to say that it is much difficult to enter text onto mobile websites than on the traditional desktop websites. However, good mobile web designers will create a mobile websites for their clients that will promote customer satisfaction. Mobile websites Davao allows customers to use stored information in their account section like picking from previously entered delivery addresses so they wouldn’t be in much difficulty keying in the words they want to browse.

5. They create different websites for touchscreen and non-touchscreen users

Smartphones make up most of mobile Internet users all over the world. Sure it’s important that you design websites according to the functions of a touchscreen smartphone. However, there are mobile internet users who utilize non-touchscreen mobile phones which usually have smaller viewing screens. Mobile websites Davao considers every user important by having different web designs for touchscreen and non-touchscreen mobiles to effectively suit according to the different needs of the users.

6. Take advantage of internal features

A lot of mobile phones have an advantage over desktops and laptops for they go together with a lot of built in functionality that the majority of PCs don’t comprise. Mobile websites Davao makes it is simpler for users to carry out particular tasks by making use of the mobile phones built in features and by this means get rid of the need for manual steps. These functionalities include allow users to automatically call a number when they hit or click a phone number and of course find your location by using inbuilt location-de