Snail Mail Confirms that We are on the Map!

Do you remember your first stuffed toy?

Your first day of school?

Your first teacher?

How about your first crush?

In a world of “firsts” it is more likely that you would remember these people and events because they pose a great deal of significance.  However, if I do ask you if you remember your first snail mail well I know that will be hard for you.  More or less it will be just one of those vague memories you haven’t really held on to.  This is not quite surprising because considering the technology we have now, snail mails are not really such a big deal.  If you try to think of it instant messaging, emails and the like are more convenient.  These technological advancements really make the World Wide Web the new status quo.

Last Monday June 27, 2011 Illumedia received its first snail mail from Google.  It wonderfully stated that our team is now available via Google Maps.  We can now be searched on the internet  and our location, contact information and driving directions are now readily available online.
This is definitely one snail mail we will never forget.  Illumedia—-is now on the map!

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Jellies in Our Bellies

Jelly Bellies are one of the most numerous in variety when it comes to flavor.  Well, think again.  Their wide array of flavors cannot compare to our team.  We proudly have the following: (Brace yourself.)

  • Drama queen/princess.
  • Singing reggae dad.
  • Sweet-looking bipolar prime minister.
  • Hug manager.
  • K-9 PHP Programmer.
  • Schizophrenic blogger.

**(Halfway through and I know you’re already confused, kindly read on :p )**

  • Lakers Chef.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Clutter Artist.
  • Daddy’s girl.
  • Dessert nurse.
  • Salon hearthrob.
  • Bully Jelly.
  • Div master emoticon.

Yes, I know your head hurts…

You can’t fully grasp the different personalities in the team.  I guess you can never really understand unless you taste one (If you’re up for it that is).  It is the Jelly Belly way…Being scared of one flavor prevents you from enjoying the adventure.  It doesn’t really matter.  Some like cinnamon, others like watermelon better.  Whichever the case is, it makes up the whole Jelly Belly can.  We beat all their 49 flavors don’t you think?

Well we won’t be complete if we’re missing one.


Illumedia Swarms Facebook

Bzzzzzzzzzzz!!!   Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Illumedia busy bees create a buzz as Illumedia launches its very first promotional campaign.  The campaign is promoted through an email blast with the mighty use of email flyers.  We are giving away free Facebook fanpage banners for the first one hundred people who sign-up!

Yup it’s absolutely free.


We are not cheapskates LOL.

Seriously, we want to show everyone the advantages of using social media with regards to building up a business.  People will undoubtedly be able to experience first hand how they can establish and market with style.  We believe that a large percentage of people are online and most importantly using different types of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.   Shouting in the midst of a crowd is also as efficient as shouting at the crowd to come to you.  This is such an exciting event for the whole team as we help others help themselves.

Like.  🙂

View the Campaign Here.

The Cartooned Truth

Adminstrative Team Meetings (

If you want to be better you have to be adaptable to change.  In such a short span of time, everyone in our team has been constantly checking out the system based on our own observations and of course the different feedbacks we have had with our clients.  Last Saturday, one of our clients pointed out some concerns and this made the management pin-point a few weak links.


There was no tsunami caused by panic but we didn’t just shrug-off our shoulders as well.  It made us pause and sit back for quite a reasonable amount of time to evaluate what went
wrong.  Humility is so evasive these days so we want it to be our friend.  We know it will be one of the few foundations that will help us grow and strengthen as a team.  We are not dictated by what other people say or think about us in a gullible manner so to say but we care if it affects them and our relationship with them.


Well the truth is, no one is perfect.  A cliche?  Unless you embrace this truth, you cannot move forward.  They say the truth hurts, well it can also be funny.  I learned all this in our Monday weekly meeting through a very mood-uplifting animation.  Here it goes…

Nizzi, Guide, and Louie Comm Flow (

"Purple" Depicts Resilience and Humility

43 Days In

by: Eliza

Today’s forecast:

  • Day started out clear and sunny as always and i’m not talking about the weather! 😀
  • Great meeting with Kat and Anner today. Some exciting stuff happening in the next few weeks!
  • James M. brought Spanish sardines for lunch! I didn’t get to have any, but i’m sure it’s YUMMY!
  • As i’m typing this, Jackie is doing her presentation on Joomla for our trainees! She’s doing a good job!
  • Realization: Nizzi is soooo hardworking.  Our lovely project manager is AWESOME at what she does. Krissy, our adorable chronic hugger is AMAZING as well 😉
  • Julie missed her Angry Bird stuffed toy today… so she’s picking on me about my Purple Star stuffed toy, I think she secretly wants to take it hostage.
  • Rolled out of a number of proposals and mockups today! (WHEW!)
  • I have not spoken much to Louie or Gio today, which is good – and it only means they’ve been working hard as well!
  • James C. is focused and quiet as usual!
  • Our Biometric Electronic Bundy Clock has been named “THENCHU”. Because that’s what it says whenever we time in/time out!

First of all, I’d like to be honest and say – I did try to write a serious blog post here, but just can’t seem to.  What we have here is a happy work environment and not a stiff and detached one.  Don’t get me wrong though – we know when to be serious. The admin team and myself have been working non-stop on making sure systems are in place, and that they are properly implemented.  We desire to ensure the quality of the work that we deliver to our clients with the help of setting healthy boundaries — to keep things professional, yet provide a positive working environment that everyone can enjoy.  IF one is working with a heavy heart – it will definitely show on their work! So people, keep whistling while you work, will you? 🙂

The past 40-something days has been very eventful.  We’ve learned and grown so much and slowly but surely building a strong foundation for ourselves. I believe we have already begun laying down the first few blocks.  We realize we have a long way to go, and we still have so much to learn — but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy every minute of the ride! 🙂

The Anner – Always thinking…. about what? Who knows?
Our Verse for the Day!
Nizzi – Who’s about to fill up that calendar with things to do!
Elloisa – Former Nomnomholic.
Gio – the silent miracle worker!

All Hail the New Roman Blinds

Michael Anguren and Ron from Kurtina

On a Friday-May 27, 2011 two wonderful men came into our humble office to install our new Roman Blinds.  Our office is situated on the second floor with built in glass windows on its two adjacent sides.  This would be a dream if you live in a place with a cooler weather but in our town, this can be a bit of a dread.  Natural light is good but too much can give you a headache plus it also renders the new air conditioning unit near incapable of doing its job.

North Wing Installation

Imagine the glee when our curtain provider offered us blinds that have the blackout effect.  Upon our request it just took more or less a week before they came knocking on our door again with all their installation paraphernalia, all geared up so to speak.

Since almost half of our team are positioned facing the windows they had to give way.  The first few drills into our wall were quite captivating but to my amazement the excitement everybody had were transformed into an undivided attention to their tasks.

Impromptu Meeting!

The next few moments that followed involved the conference table catering to almost all of our web designers and half of our administrative team.  If Kobe Bryant, the famous NBA L.A Lakers player stated that noise can’t block his shot then our team stood their ground and responded to his statement with “Curtain installation can’t block our work”.

Eyes sparkled with the earth colored fabric.  Directly put, this not-so-important event inspired and filled our hearts.

Some people may find our little joys shallow but we do like to keep ourselves that way.  Our joy does not come from gallant or extravagant things.  It comes from the people we’ve grown to love working with.  Our relationship with each other have grown and evolved quite dramatically.  With each other, it’s NOT what we have but it’s who we share it with.

Hurray the Roman Blinds!!!  No more unmerited tanning  🙂

Brand Spanking New Roman Blinds! Wee!

Beloved Admin

Exec. Assistant Julie and Project Manager Nizzi

Supervision is not very well liked.  This is a good thing to take into consideration since a quarter of our team is

Admin. Head and HR Amber

comprised of our administrative staff.  They are in charge of reprimanding, implementing rules, giving out memos, responsibilities and to generally oversee that employees do not abuse the clients or vice-versa.

Being in admin support, as I’ve thoroughly observed is not easy at all.  You are the shock absorber of the company.  Your boss or clients will relay good or bad feedback for the team members through your division and employees at the same time will air out all of their concerns to you.  You have to call the attention of the concerned party in the company and the ones that the company comes across with from time to time.  Stating this let’s face it, pride has no taste but it’s the hardest thing to swallow so you can very well expect that not all people will receive your piece of the cake with an open mind.

Most importantly, an admin over a bunch of creative people does not mesh well naturally.  Creative people are usually not used to rules let alone legalism.  Admin people on the other hand are more meticulous in keeping every part of the company well-oiled and cannot tolerate an excess of freedom that jeopardizes the majority’s well-being. This result to a few bumps in the road like a little bit of friction from time to time but I feel this is necessary for everyone to learn more about each other.

I don’t know with other companies but our admin found a common ground for everyone.  Everyone is meeting halfway and is getting along well with a certain level of understanding.  Don’t get me wrong, creatives are still creatives here but with the admin’s special touch given a more promising opportunity in the aspect of improvement not only in their craft but in a very holistic manner.

Proj. Management Assistant Krissy

Our administrative team members are not tyrants.  They mean business but they also love us.  They are the ones who push us to eat, yes eat!  Our eyes are often so glued to our screens that we lose track of time.  They also take care of things that we have no time to attend to and this is quite a relief.   Everything is settled properly in due time because all of us exert an effort to pitch in.  Everyone strives to be better because we all feel that everything is done out of genuine concern.

Thank you beloved admin!

The Illumedia Mission and Vision

  • Provide employees with opportunities for growth in his/her chosen field of expertise
  • Provide the opportunity to work in a happy and conducive environment for work where honesty and integrity take the front seat in dealing with clients and one another
  • Encourage lasting and healthy relationships with each other to promote the solidity of the team
  • Provide an open and constructive communication and allow a free flowing exchange of ideas
  • Promote honest work for honest pay
  • Deliver the best quality of work for each client
  • Give an opportunity to build own personal portfolio

There are thousands of Mission and Vision Statements out there.  They are uplifting yes but are they actually being achieved?  Illumedia was but a company that started off with three people and has now ballooned into a group of fourteen individuals.  It is officially now more than a month since we’ve actually moved in into a new office with a more organized set-up, I think it’s time for evaluation wouldn’t you agree?

For more than a month now new people have been welcomed, trained and given the chance to build their own personal portfolio.

Camaraderie is slowly being built through weekly company meetings, team meetings and trainings nonetheless. Correction and constructive criticism is practiced through the “Nip things at the bud” philosophy.  Anyone who falls into the twilight zone of inefficiency is given a little nudge and given more motivation to fuel up passion once again.

An organizational chart has been properly structured to grant a clear and open line of communication wherein any member of the team’s idea, sentiment or concern is without a doubt given ample opportunity to be heard.  So far, this has worked like a charm because response and feedback has been immediate without the compromise of disrupting the flow of productivity in terms of work.

Forty-two days is no guarantee on the accomplishment of what this company has set its heart to achieve but we can safely say that it is wonderfully right on track.