Outsourcing in the Philippines: Simply the Best in Information Technology

outsourcing in the philippinesAn overview, outsourcing is usually contracting business process to a third party company rather than staffing the company with regular employee and this has started in the United States then later it become the byword in the Asian countries. It is by way of delegating the tasks of the corporation to a business process outsource to provide and to perform specific solutions. Outsourcing in the Philippines has grown so much and right now it is considered the center of the business outsource industry. It is considered as the 3rd largest sector in terms of outsourcing jobs and services to clients.

Additionally, outsourcing in the Philippines has given multinational companies the different facets of the information technology. Businesses can respectively choose the wide array business process services like customer representatives, web design making, search engine optimizations, internet marketing and many others. It is designed to deliver business to business solutions. Aside from that it employs the best skilled people and normally Filipinos are the 3rd largest group in the world who can speak fluently in the English language compared to other Asian countries.

Moreover, outsourcing in the Philippines evidently has become dominant in outperforming competitors like India from the voice and non-voice services. The reason for this many foreigners do not experience communication gap when it comes conveying the message because Filipinos can perfectly speak and analyze the English language. With this, outsourcing in the Philippines contributes to raise the gross domestic product. This effort will ultimately advance the country’s financial status.

According to industry’s expert, outsourcing in the Philippine the industry has supplied the multinational corporations with significant workers who are solely concentrated to build the information technology more available not only for international clients but also local enterprise. It has given many benefits like deliver the best services for customers, which will ensure better business benefits. At the moment, hiring the services of outsourcing in the Philippines is so beneficial because it is very cost effective. It has become the target of western countries because this is the best strategy to reduce overhead expenses.

A New Day has Dawned in Designing with Davao Web Design

web designMarketing your product is not always as easy when business owners do not have the right information in hiring the right company for social media mileage and superb web design. In line with this, Davao web design gives business owners and entrepreneurs the credible way of branding the company by making the best web site. The advancement of the internet technology more companies are gearing for more exposures and online visibility for products and services. By hiring the expertise of the Davao web design, as business owners you will the wide range of choices of the style and design you want in your company.

Davao web design make sure the right ingredients for making a web site that will change from dull to the most enticing thing for internet browsers. It also aims to give the appropriate stuff for online visibility. It is delightful to say Davao web design will build a long lasting model for you. There are many concrete steps in making a dynamic web site. First, the factors you will simply use to achieve the client expectation. As an outsourcing, Davao wed design makes sure that it will often communicate and gives mock up for client to check and with this it will recognize the fact of whatever defects of the website.

After considering the consideration of the clients about the design, it will now execute and enforce the wed design. This is done with consistency to make the internet users to explore of how it will affect the viewership of potential customers. Now, in terms of creating an awesome web-site, Davao web design will assure you with essential matters are in place because boring, uninteresting and lousy web design will not entice customers to buy.

Davao web design assures clients with full responsibility and it develops professionalism toward in wed designing. The technical skills of the web designers are superb and you can expect and choose the right web designer who can rightly know how to design your website that could make your readers delighted. Above it all, Davao web design service is  reputable and dependable.

Why Outsourcing in the Philippines Plays a Vital Role in Business Growth?

outsourcing in the philippines aOutsourcing in the Philippines is growing aggressively in business process industry as more and more multinational companies are hiring skilled workers providers to outsource their businesses. This is a good mark since it gives the edge against India the leading competitor in the business process industry. But what exactly attracts and gives interest for international businesses to employ outsourcing in the Philippines?


1.  The foremost reason is the very low overhead expenditures. The cost effective rates of the skilled workers drives business owners to get the best from the outsourcing in the Philippines. Cost-Competitiveness – Labor expenditures are amid the lowest within the earth.

2. Outsourcing in the Philippines has the best skilled workers in term of the literacy achievement. The Philippines is ranked 3rd in speaking English in the world. Workers have achieves the 94% in terms of academic achievement. This is the reason why most companies abroad wanted to have Filipino workers in the offshore industry.
3. Outsourcing in the Philippines gives the cultural resemblance with all the countries in the West. Literally, Filipinos can easily adopt changes and immediately can deliver the goods and the required job services. This is shown in our excellent way of speaking the English languages with our neutral accent that provide good communication skills.


4.  Outsourcing in the Philippines gives flexibility to companies. Events cannot affect the performance of every skilled worker in the Philippines because we have find good reasons to face back difficulties and still have the best smile.
5. To sum it up, outsourcing in the Philippines is so strategic since the offshore staff does have all the required elements and academic qualities for the job. Multinational companies can expect the best outcomes in completing the tasks since it makes all possible to have the business friendly to all clients and it has transparency in terms of then financial system that welcomes foreign business enterprise to transact business. Furthermore, outsourcing in the Philippines does not only give services internationally but also for local companies thus providing the same skilled and efficient workers.

The Latest Information about Davao Web Design

web designDavao web design has taken the lead in the outsourcing companies in the Philippines and it deals with making the best web site for local and foreign clients. This has been its characteristic since the beginning and as always been updating to the latest demands in the web design industry. Another positive key for Davao web design is always seeking the growth for clients in terms of internet visibility and this is the ideal way to expose one’s organization about the information of products and services for potential customers.

For Davao web design in making a design it depends on the structure of a web page because web pages are so dependent on its performance and utilization. It follows that the web site should be dynamic and responsive. Business owners are given the best opportunity and it is so crucial to pick the right outsourcing company on the same time, it is important to consider a web designing organization with the most trusted long years of experience in making web sites.

Furthermore for corporations where by the shoppers are base around the globe, website is the best to communicate and to start giving business. This is where Davao web design leas the gateway to showcase the status, prominences and ability of giving businesses a facelift on the market strategy side. Additionally, Davao web design will function as an aesthetic partner with business owners since it will do exactly what the owner wants like putting the right colors, style and pictures in making the web site. It also include the information ought to be exactly written with emphasis on making the right phrases, words and sentences for internet browsers to comprehend easily.

This is putting the right visual presentation for the web page. In hiring the experts in Davao web design the website is dynamic and it has responsive pages. An area for consideration for business because this is so crucial in optimizing the websites and Davao web design will incorporate the right methodology in the search engine optimization. An important facet for web sites, it will make it to the top or in order to be ranked on the first page of the many search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

Outsourcing Your Services: The Basis and Rewards

outsourcing in the philippinesManaging a business nowadays calls for a deeper review in terms of the work loads of the employees. The advent of the World Wide Web changes the landscape of many businesses in the global market. The plethora of alternatives have rises and gives business owners to hire employees from the outsourcing companies. It is a fact since most employers definitely don’t want to overburden themselves from the nuances of the salary package for their regular employees. Economics experts often stress with the outsourcing business individuals can cut the costs for business functions. Find out more the basis and rewards of outsourcing your services.

1. Reduced overhead expenses. Getting employees from the outsourcing companies will greatly improve the chances of spending for expenses for full time employees. Reducing the company’s expenses is so cost effective and business owners can divert the money for capitalization or improvement of the physicality of the working place.

2. Hire competent employees from the outsourcing company. Let us admit it that there are more people out there who are as the same caliber with the in house employees. You can benefit from the diverse talents and skills of the individuals from the off shore companies.

3. Increase your profit. This is the main reason why do most businesses currently look for personnel who can deliver the needed work for the company. It is exemplified in the customer service. There are off shore companies right now in the developing countries which focus in handling calls. Business owners hire such personnel from countries like Philippines because the lower salary rate and people can work 24/7 just to entertain and answer queries from the customers. The productivity is fast scaling.

4. Accessing to the recent changes in technology. By hiring people from outsourcing companies, business owners are given the best choices for pooling manpower. This is so rewarding since you can have the personnel who are advanced in the Information Technology as well as the access to the new software and hardware industry.  In this way, it does not hinder the companies from growth and development.

Above are just the few basis and rewards in outsourcing services from companies. The perks of getting the right outsourcing company in the World Wide Web are daunting tasks for business owners. As a business owner, you will need a lot of research and company background check so as not to experience fraud in the long run.

Outsourcing in the Philippines Best For Business

outsourcing agentCompanies which are hiring experts from the outsourcing in the Philippines the best tactical move and it is a very successful tool to lessen back jobs, stress of labor and maximizing the general functionality of the company’s funds. The approach is thoroughly utilized by organizations around the whole world. The main reason is why outsourcing in the Philippines exists because it will perform the several non-core enterprise procedures by offshore distributors who have adeptness in the particular job. Clients can expect the most qualified staff to be in service to the corporation.

There are various benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines and one of that is the delivery of services in 24 hours and 7 days a week. By this action it helps multinational and small business in specific challenges. Businesses acquiring a worldwide existence are necessary to have 24 hour round the clock solutions and availability for the consumers and without the presence of skilled workers from the outsourcing in the Philippines this could result in major enterprise decline. The outsourcing strategy allows organizations to provide shoppers and consumers in a far more helpful fashion.

Moreover choosing the outsourcing in the Philippines works perfectly specifically in the non core enterprise functions like business owners can save lots of time and sources aw well as the assets can be used for finishing numerous projects for company expansion. When all of your work is finished by outsourcing in the Philippines will be able for companies sure of reaching greater success and enhanced profits. This is such good news for shareholders to increase the revenues of the corporation.

Lastly, getting the services of skilled offshore workers from the outsourcing in the Philippine is cost effective. In nature, it is economical because it presents an exceedingly inexpensive to answer the company’s labor. This is certainly truly the biggest advantage of outsourcing in the Philippines because of the various services given to clients like the call center expert services, information technology and many others. It is also answers for attracting numerous businesses. Enterprises are usually on the lookout for new strategies to lower the overhead expenses and outsourcing presents an awesome chance to address the issues.

Increase your Productivity through Outsourcing in the Philippines

outsource in the philippinesBusiness opportunities are fast increasing when it comes to hiring people outside regular employees. It can not be denied that multi-national companies are depending so much for the outsourcing in the Philippines. There are many reasons why people are hiring global workers from this great county.  One of the reasons is the work is more fast paced and the efficiency in terms of working hours. It is expected that most of the clients are satisfied with workers that are based on the Philippines.

Talking about outsourcing in the Philippines you do have to worry

about handling the workers because you are guarantee of hundred giving the best efforts on the work like doing transcribing, making web sites, search engine optimization. You will experience the best of the technological know-how of the workers and allow the clients have the exact task done by their regular employee through outsourcing in the Philippines.

Getting the best from outsourcing in the Philippines is very relevant to the stiff competition in the global market since most of the marketing strategy have change for the past years. You are expected that the job order is perfectly executed as well as the business owners will have the opportunity of the company to be hundred percent well taken. The explosions of the outsourcing in the Philippines have given and presented career opportunities to work for other countries at the convenience of their remote locality. The business also provides additional income for people who wanted to have extra jobs.

Furthermore, outsourcing in the Philippines has unlocked its doorways to businesses which aim and desire to provide good quality services at the cost effective rates. The availability of a outsource support for companies to increase the aggressive edge and adeptness of any business. Outsourcing in the Philippines poses no threat of the regular employees since it will do jobs only that requires technical skills that is salient to production and effective management. It is primarily a strategic technique to ensure a business’ survival and progress by way of 24 hours provider quality services.

Be Ready, the First Google Panda Update/Refresh for This Year, 2013 is Live!

Be Ready, the First Google Panda Update/Refresh for This Year, 2013 is Live!

by Mike Sasuman

Google got a hungry Panda in it’s corral and looks like it’s going to “munch” a lot of sites in a couple of days (even weeks). And various search marketing news sites are reporting on an announced Panda refresh (tweak) that affects “1.2 percent of English queries”; marking a the first Panda update for this year. As we can recall, the Panda update was first rolled out back in February 24, 2011 where a whopping 11.8 percent of English queries were affected.


If Google handles a 100 Billion searches a month, 1.2 percent of this latest refresh will affect roughly a billion searches. Are your keywords and content on your various online platforms be negatively affected? If your sites have been relatively unscathed in terms of traffic, conversions, sign-ups or keyword rankings in the past updates and refreshes, consider yourself lucky.

But don’t count on just luck that your sites won’t get hit in the following days. There’s qualified info floating around that refreshes of the Panda variety would be happening monthly.

Never leave anything to chance, consider doing a check on your present, existing content. If your existing content get “crawled” by Google’s spider or software, and what they see is not what they consider a rank-worthy site, expect less visibility on your preferred keywords which translates to less traffic AND NO sales or conversions if your sites get the dreaded penalty or worse, sandboxed.

You might say to yourself, “I can rest easy because my sites today have good content. This refresh will just affect my competitors who in one one way or another resorted to aggressive tactics and outright violations of the Google Webmasters Guidelines”, but then again, when was the last time have you updated the content on your sites? Freshness counts a lot on ranking high not just on Google but on Bing and Yahoo.

DON’T WAIT for another round of updates and refreshes to finally ground your business (or that of your clients) to a screeching halt. Have your sites and search engine optimization checked out by professionals and updated fast, NOW.


Is This Another Panda Refresh or is it the Pony?

Google Pony by IllumediaBREAKING NEWS:

There are double-digit traffic decreases to high-traffic sites such as wikia.com as reported on Searchmetrics blog. The significant drops have been first observed last Sat. Nov. 17, 2012 by Searchmetrics founder, Marcus Tober. At first glance from the comments on the influential blog, the high-traffic sites affected by this Panda Refresh or a whole new animal named Pony, have been low-hanging fruit for comment spammers and SEO pros looking for easy link juice.

My take:

Consistent with Google’s mission (and standard comment to tech journos and bloggers) We make over 500 improvements to Google Search each year so we can surface high-quality information for our users.”, this may be another refresh that will definitely terrify smaller outfits, SEO agencies and their clients. In this climate of fear and uncertainty, expect SEO ‘snake oil’ salesmen to tweak or hawk whole new crapware and dubious quality ‘strategies’ to beat the Pony (have you seen your spam inbox lately?).

But before we all curse to the high heavens the google “gods” for their fickleness, let us all take stock of all the updates that caused us short-term pain, namely Panda, Penguin and others before like Florida. Remember, Google’s bread-and-butter is in search, it has been disparaged by some stock market pundits as a “one-trick pony” (get it?), but its revenues in search account for billions in profit. Google is synonymous to online search millions of web users all over the world for the relatively high of its search results. So expect more updates to prune those ‘gamed’ results on its page one. And as all can  see with all these updates to the search engine that they are getting better at it.

If you subscribe to deceptive and scammy or straight-out unethical strategies and tactics, expect your site/blog or even business be hammered in future Google search refreshes or updates. Stick with the basics: great content (text, images, and videos), know what your target market wants and creating an online presence that converts (creates SALES!)

Will you keep guessing at more than 200 ranking factors that Google has up its sleeve? Will you even try to beat its equally famed and derided algorithm? If you have the deep pockets and money to burn like the big dogs, sure you can but that’s until the next ‘terrifying’ update.

Google Rabbit, Seal, or Walrus anyone?!





By: Mike Sasuman (twitter.com/miksas)

Illumedia Synergized!

[scrollGallery id=5]

The Philippines absolutely loves Christmas time.  We love it so much that the Christmas breeze doesn’t start on December.  It starts during the “-Ber Months” –September, October, November and December.

Last September, Illumedians were not only pumped up with the start of the Christmas frenzy but with the 3rd Team Building event of the Illumedia family.  The team building had the theme “Illumedia Synergized” and was held a couple of hours away from the busy city at Seagull Mountain Resort.

When we arrived at our destination, we couldn’t help but appreciate the wonderful scenery, the fresh air and the cool weather.  The event started off with a motivational talk from Eliza followed by a whole lot of games and activities promoting synergy, camaraderie and creativity from each and every one.

Everybody was game!  From teamwork games that needed us to get our faces dirty and our bodies all oiled up, to activities that required small groups to function as a mini-web team, everybody stepped up to the challenge and created a bond far more stronger than ever before.

As temperatures dropped when the first day came to an end, you could very well appreciate the effort of everyone to pitch in and come out of their comfort zones to get to know each other more and more beyond the boundaries of work.

After all the conversations, wonderful meals, laughter, awarding of prizes, freezing cold water…
…we can’t help but feel the warmth created by the hearts that came together for the whole experience.

Something tells us that Christmas is going to be greater this year, and the Christmas party?

It’s going to rock!