Beloved Admin

Exec. Assistant Julie and Project Manager Nizzi

Supervision is not very well liked.  This is a good thing to take into consideration since a quarter of our team is

Admin. Head and HR Amber

comprised of our administrative staff.  They are in charge of reprimanding, implementing rules, giving out memos, responsibilities and to generally oversee that employees do not abuse the clients or vice-versa.

Being in admin support, as I’ve thoroughly observed is not easy at all.  You are the shock absorber of the company.  Your boss or clients will relay good or bad feedback for the team members through your division and employees at the same time will air out all of their concerns to you.  You have to call the attention of the concerned party in the company and the ones that the company comes across with from time to time.  Stating this let’s face it, pride has no taste but it’s the hardest thing to swallow so you can very well expect that not all people will receive your piece of the cake with an open mind.

Most importantly, an admin over a bunch of creative people does not mesh well naturally.  Creative people are usually not used to rules let alone legalism.  Admin people on the other hand are more meticulous in keeping every part of the company well-oiled and cannot tolerate an excess of freedom that jeopardizes the majority’s well-being. This result to a few bumps in the road like a little bit of friction from time to time but I feel this is necessary for everyone to learn more about each other.

I don’t know with other companies but our admin found a common ground for everyone.  Everyone is meeting halfway and is getting along well with a certain level of understanding.  Don’t get me wrong, creatives are still creatives here but with the admin’s special touch given a more promising opportunity in the aspect of improvement not only in their craft but in a very holistic manner.

Proj. Management Assistant Krissy

Our administrative team members are not tyrants.  They mean business but they also love us.  They are the ones who push us to eat, yes eat!  Our eyes are often so glued to our screens that we lose track of time.  They also take care of things that we have no time to attend to and this is quite a relief.   Everything is settled properly in due time because all of us exert an effort to pitch in.  Everyone strives to be better because we all feel that everything is done out of genuine concern.

Thank you beloved admin!

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