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All Hail the New Roman Blinds

On a Friday-May 27, 2011 two wonderful men came into our humble office to install our new Roman Blinds.  Our office is situated on the second floor with built in glass windows on its two adjacent sides.  This would be a dream if you live in a place with a cooler weather but in our […]

Beloved Admin

Supervision is not very well liked.  This is a good thing to take into consideration since a quarter of our team is comprised of our administrative staff.  They are in charge of reprimanding, implementing rules, giving out memos, responsibilities and to generally oversee that employees do not abuse the clients or vice-versa. Being in admin […]

The Illumedia Mission and Vision

Provide employees with opportunities for growth in his/her chosen field of expertise Provide the opportunity to work in a happy and conducive environment for work where honesty and integrity take the front seat in dealing with clients and one another Encourage lasting and healthy relationships with each other to promote the solidity of the team […]