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Birthday Girl

They may talk of a comet, or a burning mountain, or some such bagatelle; but to me a modest woman, dressed out in all her finery, is the most tremendous object of the whole creation.     ~Oliver Goldsmith~ November 16, 1983. Illumedia is a team headed by a woman.  A strong woman I might add. […]

Illumedia Supports GraphiCon 2011

Mr. Wilson! A frantic voice echoes amidst a strong weather. Mr. Wilson!!!! Sobs and loud cries—these are what the character of Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away was left with after he lost his ball he conveniently named Mr. Wilson.  For those who haven’t watched the movie, no he wasn’t crazy.  The main character […]

A Work In Progress

As I left my house this morning a cocoon was tediously holding on to a minute portion of our gate. Come to think of it sometimes work does get a bit demanding. Good thing it’s not all work at Illumedia Outsourcing. Over the weekend, the team had their hands full with work. Not all work […]

I Do

On our regular Monday General Meeting, Eliza filled the room with a discussion about commitment. As defined, it is a pledge or a bind dedicated to something or someone. Based on a spiritual aspect more importantly Psalm 37:5 says: Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and He will help you. Since there […]

Jellies in Our Bellies

Jelly Bellies are one of the most numerous in variety when it comes to flavor.  Well, think again.  Their wide array of flavors cannot compare to our team.  We proudly have the following: (Brace yourself.) Drama queen/princess. Singing reggae dad. Sweet-looking bipolar prime minister. Hug manager. K-9 PHP Programmer. Schizophrenic blogger. **(Halfway through and I […]

Illumedia Swarms Facebook

Bzz… Bzzzzzzzz…. Bzzzzzzzzzzz!!!   Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! Illumedia busy bees create a buzz as Illumedia launches its very first promotional campaign.  The campaign is promoted through an email blast with the mighty use of email flyers.  We are giving away free Facebook fanpage banners for the first one hundred people who sign-up! Yup it’s absolutely free. Why? We […]

The Cartooned Truth

If you want to be better you have to be adaptable to change.  In such a short span of time, everyone in our team has been constantly checking out the system based on our own observations and of course the different feedbacks we have had with our clients.  Last Saturday, one of our clients pointed […]

43 Days In

by: Eliza Today’s forecast: Day started out clear and sunny as always and i’m not talking about the weather! 😀 Great meeting with Kat and Anner today. Some exciting stuff happening in the next few weeks! James M. brought Spanish sardines for lunch! I didn’t get to have any, but i’m sure it’s YUMMY! As […]