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Outsourcing in the Philippines Best For Business

Companies which are hiring experts from the outsourcing in the Philippines the best tactical move and it is a very successful tool to lessen back jobs, stress of labor and maximizing the general functionality of the company’s funds. The approach is thoroughly utilized by organizations around the whole world. The main reason is why outsourcing […]

Is This Another Panda Refresh or is it the Pony?

BREAKING NEWS: There are double-digit traffic decreases to high-traffic sites such as wikia.com as reported on Searchmetrics blog. The significant drops have been first observed last Sat. Nov. 17, 2012 by Searchmetrics founder, Marcus Tober. At first glance from the comments on the influential blog, the high-traffic sites affected by this Panda Refresh or a […]

Illumedia Synergized!

[scrollGallery id=5]   The Philippines absolutely loves Christmas time.  We love it so much that the Christmas breeze doesn’t start on December.  It starts during the “-Ber Months” –September, October, November and December. Last September, Illumedians were not only pumped up with the start of the Christmas frenzy but with the 3rd Team Building event […]

Illumedia Workshops Batch 1 Experience

Illumedia Workshop‘s first ever public workshop has just ended and we are happy to share that it was eventful and successful! It is Team Illumedia’s pleasure to be able to work with trainees who are eager to learn about Web Design and Basic WordPress Theme Creation.  We would like to express our gratitude to everyone […]

Illumedia Is Inviting You to Experience Life Now

Davao is now a bustling city, strewn with various commercial establishments, indicating that this city is a rapidly growing metropolis.  Amidst this progress, Davao has remained true to it’s roots, one that has built a strong foundation in the hearts of every Dabawenyo. The people of Davao, rather than just the place, successfully brought a […]