All Hail the New Roman Blinds

Michael Anguren and Ron from Kurtina

On a Friday-May 27, 2011 two wonderful men came into our humble office to install our new Roman Blinds.  Our office is situated on the second floor with built in glass windows on its two adjacent sides.  This would be a dream if you live in a place with a cooler weather but in our town, this can be a bit of a dread.  Natural light is good but too much can give you a headache plus it also renders the new air conditioning unit near incapable of doing its job.

North Wing Installation

Imagine the glee when our curtain provider offered us blinds that have the blackout effect.  Upon our request it just took more or less a week before they came knocking on our door again with all their installation paraphernalia, all geared up so to speak.

Since almost half of our team are positioned facing the windows they had to give way.  The first few drills into our wall were quite captivating but to my amazement the excitement everybody had were transformed into an undivided attention to their tasks.

Impromptu Meeting!

The next few moments that followed involved the conference table catering to almost all of our web designers and half of our administrative team.  If Kobe Bryant, the famous NBA L.A Lakers player stated that noise can’t block his shot then our team stood their ground and responded to his statement with “Curtain installation can’t block our work”.

Eyes sparkled with the earth colored fabric.  Directly put, this not-so-important event inspired and filled our hearts.

Some people may find our little joys shallow but we do like to keep ourselves that way.  Our joy does not come from gallant or extravagant things.  It comes from the people we’ve grown to love working with.  Our relationship with each other have grown and evolved quite dramatically.  With each other, it’s NOT what we have but it’s who we share it with.

Hurray the Roman Blinds!!!  No more unmerited tanning  🙂

Brand Spanking New Roman Blinds! Wee!

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