43 Days In

by: Eliza

Today’s forecast:

  • Day started out clear and sunny as always and i’m not talking about the weather! 😀
  • Great meeting with Kat and Anner today. Some exciting stuff happening in the next few weeks!
  • James M. brought Spanish sardines for lunch! I didn’t get to have any, but i’m sure it’s YUMMY!
  • As i’m typing this, Jackie is doing her presentation on Joomla for our trainees! She’s doing a good job!
  • Realization: Nizzi is soooo hardworking.  Our lovely project manager is AWESOME at what she does. Krissy, our adorable chronic hugger is AMAZING as well 😉
  • Julie missed her Angry Bird stuffed toy today… so she’s picking on me about my Purple Star stuffed toy, I think she secretly wants to take it hostage.
  • Rolled out of a number of proposals and mockups today! (WHEW!)
  • I have not spoken much to Louie or Gio today, which is good – and it only means they’ve been working hard as well!
  • James C. is focused and quiet as usual!
  • Our Biometric Electronic Bundy Clock has been named “THENCHU”. Because that’s what it says whenever we time in/time out!

First of all, I’d like to be honest and say – I did try to write a serious blog post here, but just can’t seem to.  What we have here is a happy work environment and not a stiff and detached one.  Don’t get me wrong though – we know when to be serious. The admin team and myself have been working non-stop on making sure systems are in place, and that they are properly implemented.  We desire to ensure the quality of the work that we deliver to our clients with the help of setting healthy boundaries — to keep things professional, yet provide a positive working environment that everyone can enjoy.  IF one is working with a heavy heart – it will definitely show on their work! So people, keep whistling while you work, will you? 🙂

The past 40-something days has been very eventful.  We’ve learned and grown so much and slowly but surely building a strong foundation for ourselves. I believe we have already begun laying down the first few blocks.  We realize we have a long way to go, and we still have so much to learn — but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy every minute of the ride! 🙂

The Anner – Always thinking…. about what? Who knows?
Our Verse for the Day!
Nizzi – Who’s about to fill up that calendar with things to do!
Elloisa – Former Nomnomholic.
Gio – the silent miracle worker!
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