Trends in Graphics Design

The concepts of Web design  and Graphic design is quite similar, though the difference of the two is that in graphics it normally comprises of posters, banners and the like.  On the other hand, in web design, it involves the webpage of a certain company, person etc. One of the basics in keeping a well-designed webpage would be keeping it structured. Always create a concept that is simple and organized. Putting boxes everywhere in the page is not being organized.

A web developer should remember to put the right boxes in a structured place. One way of which is putting together the important parts as a focus point while the not-so-important items would be placed at the side, example would be “like our page button” that would navigate the user to the company’s Facebook page.

Another discouragement in creating a web design would be the countless advertisements popping out at the side or on the page. It is a nuisance to the audience seeing irrelevant advertisements being opened unexpectedly. Also, always remember to choose the right colour scheme; it is important to know what palette to use in the site. Another way of an effective web design is to have the users use the site easily.

In creating a website your text doesn’t necessarily have to reach a thousand words. It will not only make the website cluttered, it will also make the audience want to exit the tab because it would look too boring. Set the navigation properly have the proper contents in it. Optimize the website, don’t put too much images not unless if it’s a gallery or portfolio.

For a tip  from graphics design Davao, avoid uploading PNG files and post JPEG with baseline optimized as its format. Like in graphic design, choose the right fonts and sizes, since in the internet, many people from different countries, races, medical conditions etc. will be able to read the website. Lastly, don’t put irrelevant things in the website. It will only make the website chaotic.