Illumedia: Moving Forward

Have you felt the blazing heat in the city? Who wouldn’t want to have a refreshing getaway in the nippy mountains of Bukidnon?

Last November 7, 2014 the whole Illumedia team left the city for a two-day team building escapade at Seagull Mountain Spring Resort. The travel time took 2 long hours but the smile on our faces upon arrival at the venue was a proof enough that the long ride was all worth it. Mind you, the view was not beautiful, it was breathtaking!

Day 1 was all about building the team. As soon as we had our bags settled and finished lunch, we proceeded to the pavilion atop the hill to begin the games. We were generously grouped into 5 teams. At first, almost everyone was shy and aloof but just as the games began, the timid stares quickly turned into roaring laughters. Everyone had their game faces on but you could see the happiness shining right each one of us.

After the games, we all retreated to our designated quarters to rest and prepare for dinner. The dinner was simple but it was definitely sumptuous and it was made even better by the nurtured company we have with each other.

When all our bellies shouted of satisfaction, we all gathered together for our last activity. We were made to write down comments and affirmations to everyone in the Illumedia family.  And the fun part of this activity is that you have the benefit of staying anonymous to the person you are writing for. Everyone was happy, content and of course surprised of how the rest of the team saw each individual. It was a simple activity but it was a great affirmation that you are well appreciated and well loved.

Day 2 was a follow-up enhancement of the team we have built on day 1. We had no other activity except to enjoying each other’s company. We rose to a cold beautiful morning and soon everybody was busy helping out in preparing breakfast. Indeed, nothing is better than a having breakfast in a scenic view! And right after eating our delightful mountain breakfast, we hurriedly prepared to take freezing dip in the resort’s pool. Icy it is, but we enjoyed it.

It wasn’t until we were about to leave when we totally realized how enjoyable and fun that trip was. And yes, the whole point of the team building was fulfilled. Moving forward? Yes we are! For we went as a team but we came back as a family, and we’re not just moving, we are pushing forward towards a better team, a better dream and a better future here in Illumedia.