6 Design Tips for a Stunning Mobile App

You may not know it but you have unlimited resources of inspiration in designing a spectacular mobile app.  Mobile Apps Davao will help you in making the best mobile app with the following ideas.


Idea #1: Color theme

Match your app’s color theme with your website, product or blog. Choose the appropriate color ideas that will suit your app design. As much as possible, make your own logo and make it as your app’s header so that your target users can easily identify your app.

Idea #2: Splash screen

Mobile Apps Davao recommends you to have a unique default splash screen. You should be consistent in giving your users the best user experience from having a unique logo (as stated earlier) down to having the most creative and imaginative splash screen. But don’t overdo but make it very simple.

Idea #3: Home screen app icon

Have an original and enticing home screen app. Make your app’s home screen icon be the center of attraction every time your users look in the their device’s home screen. Mobile Apps Davao suggests that you use eye-catching photos.

Idea #4: In-app navigation icons

Mobile Apps Davao wants you to take full control of your app’s features. Make unique navigation icons that will also serve as your apps signature for easy user recall. You can also search for other selections of different UI (user interface) elements if you are having difficulty in making one.

Idea #5: Image quality

Use high quality images. It would be better if you will use your own images and make some tweaks on it. You can even use Photoshop in making unique images. Avoid using blurry and grainy images. Create stunning images that will leave a mark on your users.

Idea #6: Home screen navigation

Match your background images and icons with your chosen navigation setting. Make your app user friendly. Don’t let your users do complex steps in navigating your apps. Make experiments in choosing the appropriate navigation setting.


These ideas will help you in making a visually engaging mobile app but Mobile Apps Davao encourages you not only to be creative in your apps design but also in making equally appealing content. In order for you to have satisfied users, you should also be updated on the different trends where your app is in line with. User satisfaction is the result of having a very effective mobile app and that should be top priority in creating a successful mobile app in the future.