The Phenomenon of Outsourcing in the Philippines

The drastic changes of outsourcing have given a dramatic change in the landscape of BPO companies in the Philippines. It is undeniably the biggest and superb thing that happens in the outsourcing industry. More companies abroad are outsourcing in the Philippines for the following reasons.

1. Low cost

Companies abroad like Canada, Australia and United States can save more money than hiring an in house employee to work in the company. It gives them more revenues since employers do not have the obligation to pay the social security payments, insurances and other benefits. In the outsourcing in the Philippines the employers have to pay depends on the job order. The low costs of compensation have attracted many business organizations to look for outsourcing firms.

2. Qualified Personnel

Filipinos are highly qualified for the job because most citizens can speak the English language. Filipinos have the neutral accent which is more beneficial when BPO industries are designed fro customer services. There is no communication gap between the outsource personnel and employers abroad. Additionally, Filipinos are so professional and efficient when it comes to work. It is attributed to the educational attainment of the Filipinos. In the outsourcing in the Philippines, most of the workers are graduates from related courses such as Information Technology and Communication Arts. The literacy rate is the biggest achievement so far and right now it can not be surpassed with the neighboring Asian countries.

3. Culturally Adjusted

Outsourcing in the Philippines is best for foreign companies since Filipinos can easily adopt on the changes from the employers abroad. We can easily adjust to the culture of western countries thus making Filipinos with great talents and superb professionals. With the flexible characteristics, Filipinos can easily smile and can work positively. Personal problems are not attached to the work. This makes Filipinos more professional compared to the counter part in the outsourcing world.

The above factors have given the outsourcing in the Philippines more superb and almost perfect when it comes to work attitude. It is expected that business organizations are given the best and quality line of work.  With the positive outlook in life, wearing smile in the work place and being hospitable can spell out the difference in the outsourcing in the Philippines.