Illumedia Synergized!

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The Philippines absolutely loves Christmas time.  We love it so much that the Christmas breeze doesn’t start on December.  It starts during the “-Ber Months” –September, October, November and December.

Last September, Illumedians were not only pumped up with the start of the Christmas frenzy but with the 3rd Team Building event of the Illumedia family.  The team building had the theme “Illumedia Synergized” and was held a couple of hours away from the busy city at Seagull Mountain Resort.

When we arrived at our destination, we couldn’t help but appreciate the wonderful scenery, the fresh air and the cool weather.  The event started off with a motivational talk from Eliza followed by a whole lot of games and activities promoting synergy, camaraderie and creativity from each and every one.

Everybody was game!  From teamwork games that needed us to get our faces dirty and our bodies all oiled up, to activities that required small groups to function as a mini-web team, everybody stepped up to the challenge and created a bond far more stronger than ever before.

As temperatures dropped when the first day came to an end, you could very well appreciate the effort of everyone to pitch in and come out of their comfort zones to get to know each other more and more beyond the boundaries of work.

After all the conversations, wonderful meals, laughter, awarding of prizes, freezing cold water…
…we can’t help but feel the warmth created by the hearts that came together for the whole experience.

Something tells us that Christmas is going to be greater this year, and the Christmas party?

It’s going to rock!