Illumedia Workshops Batch 1 Experience

Illumedia Workshop‘s first ever public workshop has just ended and we are happy to share that it was eventful and successful!

It is Team Illumedia’s pleasure to be able to work with trainees who are eager to learn about Web Design and Basic WordPress Theme Creation.  We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has joined the workshop, & we are definitely looking forward to seeing you in future workshops by Illumedia.

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See more photos here.

Here are just some of the feedback from our unforgettable Batch #1 trainees:

Jay Isidor

SUPER COOL!…awesome

Dominic Saraum

The Workshop was great! Each part of the lessons were well executed. I learned a lot and can’t wait for the advanced lessons.

Peejay Capina

… the place is comfy, the staff was very accommodating and I’ve learned a lot from Ms. Eliza, thank you so much guys! Looking forward to the advance. ;-)

Watch out for our future workshops!