A Work In Progress

As I left my house this morning a cocoon was tediously holding on to a minute portion of our gate. Come to think of it sometimes work does get a bit demanding. Good thing it’s not all work at Illumedia Outsourcing.

Over the weekend, the team had their hands full with work. Not all work and now the team worked over the weekend?

I know I may have you confused right now so let me clear your mind.

Last weekend the team was busy with work…team work for the team building activity. The destination?

Eden Nature Park.

This mountainous adventure fortunately revealed how much the team has grown into a family. As Illumedians played it “old school” using a Jeepney on the way there a few setbacks held everyone only but for a while.

Old school…the old Jeepney needed a little push with the radiator, brakes, etc and sure enough the gentlemen of the team came to the rescue. Because of this modern chivalry the day turned out great! As Illumedians arrived the first task was the Indiana Jones. At first some were hesitant as it was too terrifying for their very laid back nature but due to the unending encouragement the entire team had for them they were able to overcome their fears but of course there were a few “mommy cries” ;p

After which more activities that promoted trust and camaraderie filled the day making the bond that held each other intensify even more. And because we love food…of course that physiological need was more than satisfyingly given special attention. “Yum yum yum.”

The day ended with a superb weather making everyone filled with laughs and hungry for more.

Getting back with my cocoon illustration..LOL.

Sometimes with a lot going on things get demanding but knowing how the cocoon ends makes it all worth it. Looking forward to a lot of butterfly transformations over the next few months.  It will certainly be some of GOD’s most wonderful masterpiece.

Illumedia_blogger signing out. 🙂