Pursuing the Vision : Illumedia Goes “Offline” and Joins SMED Week

There is nothing constant but change. In the world of technology, what works is usually updated with newer innovations. People these days don’t just sit back anymore, they get into it and are more involved than ever before. However, what I’ve noticed is that people get the drive only to pursue something if they find purpose and if they believe in the vision presented to them.

As a team, I can honestly say we find joy in our work. We know it’s not all about money. We know we are building relationships with people. We know we are helping others build their businesses and companies. We know we have a purpose and our vision can be shared and help the local community. While we are comfortable in our office and behind our computer screens we take one step forward.

Information dissemination. Facts. Statistics. Testimonies. First hand experiences. We have so much info to offer which can be of help to the market. We will be precisely presenting the power of social media, mobile websites, video marketing and web presence. It will be raw and realistic. We have seen the power of all these and we know that most people just don’t have ample knowledge to direct them to harness this truth.

The SME exhibit will be an opportunity for us to give and fulfill what we have envisioned. We want give out every bit of blessing we have received and so we grabbed this open door. We want to bring in people, businesses and companies into the net and we don’t want them to just blend in. We want them to grow and harness their capabilities thus living up to what we have envisaged.

Yes we will be part of the motorcade and yes we will get a booth just like everyone else but we will also be coming to this event of enterprises without facades. We will be coming clean with ourselves. Our hands ready to extend and ears ready to listen to team up with you to help you get closer to your dream because in doing so we will be closer to ours.