Public WordPress Workshop Hosted by Team Illumedia This April!

Once you’ve decided to stop learning, you will stop growing.

It is a fact. Learning is indeed essential for growth. That is why if you try and consider the pace we have today; new gadgets, discoveries, methods, techniques and technologies are being born every minute. Making our stored knowledge our foundation, we must learn to adjust and adapt to better innovations for our advancement.

Are you a web or graphic designer?

Do you aspire to be one?

Are you a student who wants to learn more of what is needed in the real career life of such?

Illumedia is hosting its first Basic WordPress Theme Creation Workshop this April!

WordPress is rapidly gaining popularity and one of the most preferred platforms of a website by most companies. This is due to the fact that it is very user-friendly for both the client and the designer. As a designer you would be able to easily execute the desires of your client with less hassle and you wouldn’t have a hard time making all the changes required on the site you’re working on. However, the sad part is that WordPress isn’t taught in schools. Most web and graphic designers who’ve mastered the WordPress platform learned on their own through years of experience.

Well let’s just say you’re in for a great opportunity.

Eliza Kirsten Magno is one of the very few who has learned WordPress by heart and she’s going to take the time to impart her knowledge to those who are interested! The workshop which has limit of 20 seats is open to students and even professional web and graphic designers. Eliza seeks to give back to the community through this little endeavor.

She aims to educate and pass on her passion to the participants in an unconventional way. If a wonderful thing such as this comes knocking on your door, would you just walk away?

For more details on the workshop you can visit


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