Be Ready, the First Google Panda Update/Refresh for This Year, 2013 is Live!

Be Ready, the First Google Panda Update/Refresh for This Year, 2013 is Live!

by Mike Sasuman

Google got a hungry Panda in it’s corral and looks like it’s going to “munch” a lot of sites in a couple of days (even weeks). And various search marketing news sites are reporting on an announced Panda refresh (tweak) that affects “1.2 percent of English queries”; marking a the first Panda update for this year. As we can recall, the Panda update was first rolled out back in February 24, 2011 where a whopping 11.8 percent of English queries were affected.


If Google handles a 100 Billion searches a month, 1.2 percent of this latest refresh will affect roughly a billion searches. Are your keywords and content on your various online platforms be negatively affected? If your sites have been relatively unscathed in terms of traffic, conversions, sign-ups or keyword rankings in the past updates and refreshes, consider yourself lucky.

But don’t count on just luck that your sites won’t get hit in the following days. There’s qualified info floating around that refreshes of the Panda variety would be happening monthly.

Never leave anything to chance, consider doing a check on your present, existing content. If your existing content get “crawled” by Google’s spider or software, and what they see is not what they consider a rank-worthy site, expect less visibility on your preferred keywords which translates to less traffic AND NO sales or conversions if your sites get the dreaded penalty or worse, sandboxed.

You might say to yourself, “I can rest easy because my sites today have good content. This refresh will just affect my competitors who in one one way or another resorted to aggressive tactics and outright violations of the Google Webmasters Guidelines”, but then again, when was the last time have you updated the content on your sites? Freshness counts a lot on ranking high not just on Google but on Bing and Yahoo.

DON’T WAIT for another round of updates and refreshes to finally ground your business (or that of your clients) to a screeching halt. Have your sites and search engine optimization checked out by professionals and updated fast, NOW.


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