Bright Ideas, Smart Designs and Stunning Media.

These are where our hearts are at.

Illumedia Outsourcing is a young company based in Davao City, Philippines, catering to both local and international clientele.

We are composed of young, inspired, passionate, driven and creative professionals with mad skills in Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Systems Development, Social Media Designs, Audio Visual Production or Promotional Videos, and Mobile Websites.

We believe in creating our own innovative culture and fostering each other’s growth and development in our chosen field of interest and in life in general.


More About Illumedia

Illumedia is an outsourcing and web design studio that embraces the power of the internet and technology with the skills, knowledge and passion of driven individuals.  We believe in the principle of “An Honest Day’s Work for Honest Pay” and we are intent in producing high quality results. It is our goal to continue building lasting, professional and prolific relationships with our diverse clients.

At Illumedia, we provide top notch services and solutions to your Web Design, Graphic Design, Mobile Websites and Social Media Branding needs.  We also offer maintenance services for all these Online Marketing Campaigns and arm you, our clients, with working knowledge required to maintain the systems yourselves should you desire to do so.

We also make available our services in systems development by bringing you customized system solutions for your office or business needs. The systems are crafted using the latest development tools available in the market today.

We value the overall well-being of our clients: in satisfaction as well as reasonable costs.  At Illumedia, we build complete systems that will suit your specific operations from the ground up by utilizing the various methods such as Common Business System Applications, Inventory Systems, Point of Sale Applications (POS), Accounting Systems, Financial Applications (Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, etc.), Hospital Information Systems, Clinical Systems (Good for Doctors), Diagnostics Information Systems (Radiology, Ultrasound and Laboratory), School Enrollment Systems, Billing Systems, Hotel and Restaurant Management Information Systems, Payroll Systems, Real Property Tax Systems, Employee Database Systems and Registration Systems.

Our client-base is made up of both the local and foreign market. We have worked with and still enjoy a thriving professional relationship with the many business entities.



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