Birthday Girl

They may talk of a comet, or a burning mountain, or some such bagatelle; but to me a modest woman, dressed out in all her finery, is the most tremendous object of the whole creation.
    ~Oliver Goldsmith~

November 16, 1983.

Illumedia is a team headed by a woman.  A strong woman I might add.  She has been through life’s blows just like everyone else but has remained standing.  Yesterday, we celebrated her 28th year of existence.(I think she might not post my blog now that I mentioned that.  Anyway, I’m a risk taker, LOL.)

Our beautiful celebrant received from her friends from the office as well as outside an early morning serenade and her favorite birthday cake.  Then for lunch the team went out and enjoyed our favorite past time : eating and talking gibberish.  What can I say?  We know how to enjoy the simple things of life.

Why am I writing this blog?  Well the truth is this is not for you primarily.  First and foremost this is to express a heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Eliza Kirsten B. Magno.

“Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for sharing your life and dreams with us.  We pray for you love, joy, peace and your life’s purpose.”

This blog is for the birthday girl but of course you get to read it because you have been part of us, of Illumedia.

Proverbs 31:30
“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

Happy birthday!  You are so precious in GOD’s sight.

We love you Eliza!

Illumedia Supports GraphiCon 2011

Mr. Wilson!

A frantic voice echoes amidst a strong weather.

Mr. Wilson!!!!

Sobs and loud cries—these are what the character of Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away was left with after he lost his ball he conveniently named Mr. Wilson.  For those who haven’t watched the movie, no he wasn’t crazy.  The main character was washed up in an island all by himself after surviving a plane crash.  Tom Hanks kept himself sane by talking to a volleyball (I know that sounded weird).  Well the truth is men were not created to be solitary individuals.

Honestly, GOD did not create us to be left out on our own.  You can very much find in the movie that the character needed to communicate let alone express himself.  It is a NEED.

Illumedians who are comprised with a majority of artists can very well express themselves in their work but it is also pertinent that they also be given the chance to relate with the very people who share the same interests with them.  That is why the team is going to GraphiCon!

DUAAD or Davao United Association of Animators and Designers, Inc. will be holding an event on December 01, 2011 at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center called GraphiCon or Graphic Design Convention which is a grand convention for graphics and motion graphic enthusiasts in the Davao region.  At least 300 participants of graphic artists, graphic arts enthusiasts, marketing executives, technopreneurs, photographers and members of the academe will be uniting to promote the industry.

The team knows that it is not the only team who renders its services so we are for solidarity with people in this industry.  We view it as an opportunity to grow and learn from others and their craft.  We believe we can co-exist with others in a healthy and competitive way.  Eliza Magno and the team at Illumedia foster this kind of mentality from the very beginning which is why Davao Web Design (Online Community for Web/Graphic Designers) was founded in the first place.

As the cliché goes, “no man is an island” so we’re setting out to talk with our Mr. Wilsons and we greet them with a smile.  🙂

GraphiCon, here we come! 🙂

**UPDATE NOVEMBER 21, 2011** GraphiCon tickets now available at the Illumedia office. Call us at 082 271 8563 Email us at or Skype us at  You may also visit us at 2nd Floor La Core Bldg., Victoria Plaza Compound, Bajada, Davao City [Google Map]

A Work In Progress

As I left my house this morning a cocoon was tediously holding on to a minute portion of our gate. Come to think of it sometimes work does get a bit demanding. Good thing it’s not all work at Illumedia Outsourcing.

Over the weekend, the team had their hands full with work. Not all work and now the team worked over the weekend?

I know I may have you confused right now so let me clear your mind.

Last weekend the team was busy with work…team work for the team building activity. The destination?

Eden Nature Park.

This mountainous adventure fortunately revealed how much the team has grown into a family. As Illumedians played it “old school” using a Jeepney on the way there a few setbacks held everyone only but for a while.

Old school…the old Jeepney needed a little push with the radiator, brakes, etc and sure enough the gentlemen of the team came to the rescue. Because of this modern chivalry the day turned out great! As Illumedians arrived the first task was the Indiana Jones. At first some were hesitant as it was too terrifying for their very laid back nature but due to the unending encouragement the entire team had for them they were able to overcome their fears but of course there were a few “mommy cries” ;p

After which more activities that promoted trust and camaraderie filled the day making the bond that held each other intensify even more. And because we love food…of course that physiological need was more than satisfyingly given special attention. “Yum yum yum.”

The day ended with a superb weather making everyone filled with laughs and hungry for more.

Getting back with my cocoon illustration..LOL.

Sometimes with a lot going on things get demanding but knowing how the cocoon ends makes it all worth it. Looking forward to a lot of butterfly transformations over the next few months.  It will certainly be some of GOD’s most wonderful masterpiece.

Illumedia_blogger signing out. 🙂

Pursuing the Vision : Illumedia Goes “Offline” and Joins SMED Week

There is nothing constant but change. In the world of technology, what works is usually updated with newer innovations. People these days don’t just sit back anymore, they get into it and are more involved than ever before. However, what I’ve noticed is that people get the drive only to pursue something if they find purpose and if they believe in the vision presented to them.

As a team, I can honestly say we find joy in our work. We know it’s not all about money. We know we are building relationships with people. We know we are helping others build their businesses and companies. We know we have a purpose and our vision can be shared and help the local community. While we are comfortable in our office and behind our computer screens we take one step forward.

Information dissemination. Facts. Statistics. Testimonies. First hand experiences. We have so much info to offer which can be of help to the market. We will be precisely presenting the power of social media, mobile websites, video marketing and web presence. It will be raw and realistic. We have seen the power of all these and we know that most people just don’t have ample knowledge to direct them to harness this truth.

The SME exhibit will be an opportunity for us to give and fulfill what we have envisioned. We want give out every bit of blessing we have received and so we grabbed this open door. We want to bring in people, businesses and companies into the net and we don’t want them to just blend in. We want them to grow and harness their capabilities thus living up to what we have envisaged.

Yes we will be part of the motorcade and yes we will get a booth just like everyone else but we will also be coming to this event of enterprises without facades. We will be coming clean with ourselves. Our hands ready to extend and ears ready to listen to team up with you to help you get closer to your dream because in doing so we will be closer to ours.

I Do

On our regular Monday General Meeting, Eliza filled the room with a discussion about commitment. As defined, it is a pledge or a bind dedicated to something or someone. Based on a spiritual aspect more importantly Psalm 37:5 says: Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and He will help you.

Since there are no half-hearted commitments we believe that it starts with the heart. If your heart isn’t in the right place it would be difficult to see all your words put into action and of course for you to persevere or endure once the going gets tough.

However, getting your heart to commit isn’t easy. It must first understand why. To reevaluate we pondered once again for the purpose of the company and of course why we go to work every day. Losing perspective on the fact that it’s not all about money will drive all the passion away.

We all know the fable about the hen and the pig:

A hen and a pig were talking in the barnyard one day. The hen was so proud and talking on and on about how glad she was that she and the pig can grant the wish of the farmer and his family to have ham and eggs for their breakfast. The pig, however, was less enthusiastic about it. He replied, “That’s easy for you to say. For you it’s just a contribution. For me it’s a total commitment.”

For those who don’t understand the purpose why this company was built it is so hard to commit to the mission, vision and company policies. Every extended effort will just bring about a heavy heart. You have to be involved in what you are doing but dedication is a choice. All I know is, if you don’t feel you should commit yourself because you don’t want to take a risk well then…you are just plain chicken! No pun intended ;p LOL!

Snail Mail Confirms that We are on the Map!

Do you remember your first stuffed toy?

Your first day of school?

Your first teacher?

How about your first crush?

In a world of “firsts” it is more likely that you would remember these people and events because they pose a great deal of significance.  However, if I do ask you if you remember your first snail mail well I know that will be hard for you.  More or less it will be just one of those vague memories you haven’t really held on to.  This is not quite surprising because considering the technology we have now, snail mails are not really such a big deal.  If you try to think of it instant messaging, emails and the like are more convenient.  These technological advancements really make the World Wide Web the new status quo.

Last Monday June 27, 2011 Illumedia received its first snail mail from Google.  It wonderfully stated that our team is now available via Google Maps.  We can now be searched on the internet  and our location, contact information and driving directions are now readily available online.
This is definitely one snail mail we will never forget.  Illumedia—-is now on the map!

View Larger Map

Jellies in Our Bellies

Jelly Bellies are one of the most numerous in variety when it comes to flavor.  Well, think again.  Their wide array of flavors cannot compare to our team.  We proudly have the following: (Brace yourself.)

  • Drama queen/princess.
  • Singing reggae dad.
  • Sweet-looking bipolar prime minister.
  • Hug manager.
  • K-9 PHP Programmer.
  • Schizophrenic blogger.

**(Halfway through and I know you’re already confused, kindly read on :p )**

  • Lakers Chef.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Clutter Artist.
  • Daddy’s girl.
  • Dessert nurse.
  • Salon hearthrob.
  • Bully Jelly.
  • Div master emoticon.

Yes, I know your head hurts…

You can’t fully grasp the different personalities in the team.  I guess you can never really understand unless you taste one (If you’re up for it that is).  It is the Jelly Belly way…Being scared of one flavor prevents you from enjoying the adventure.  It doesn’t really matter.  Some like cinnamon, others like watermelon better.  Whichever the case is, it makes up the whole Jelly Belly can.  We beat all their 49 flavors don’t you think?

Well we won’t be complete if we’re missing one.


Illumedia Swarms Facebook

Bzzzzzzzzzzz!!!   Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Illumedia busy bees create a buzz as Illumedia launches its very first promotional campaign.  The campaign is promoted through an email blast with the mighty use of email flyers.  We are giving away free Facebook fanpage banners for the first one hundred people who sign-up!

Yup it’s absolutely free.


We are not cheapskates LOL.

Seriously, we want to show everyone the advantages of using social media with regards to building up a business.  People will undoubtedly be able to experience first hand how they can establish and market with style.  We believe that a large percentage of people are online and most importantly using different types of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.   Shouting in the midst of a crowd is also as efficient as shouting at the crowd to come to you.  This is such an exciting event for the whole team as we help others help themselves.

Like.  🙂

View the Campaign Here.

The Cartooned Truth

Adminstrative Team Meetings (

If you want to be better you have to be adaptable to change.  In such a short span of time, everyone in our team has been constantly checking out the system based on our own observations and of course the different feedbacks we have had with our clients.  Last Saturday, one of our clients pointed out some concerns and this made the management pin-point a few weak links.


There was no tsunami caused by panic but we didn’t just shrug-off our shoulders as well.  It made us pause and sit back for quite a reasonable amount of time to evaluate what went
wrong.  Humility is so evasive these days so we want it to be our friend.  We know it will be one of the few foundations that will help us grow and strengthen as a team.  We are not dictated by what other people say or think about us in a gullible manner so to say but we care if it affects them and our relationship with them.


Well the truth is, no one is perfect.  A cliche?  Unless you embrace this truth, you cannot move forward.  They say the truth hurts, well it can also be funny.  I learned all this in our Monday weekly meeting through a very mood-uplifting animation.  Here it goes…

Nizzi, Guide, and Louie Comm Flow (

"Purple" Depicts Resilience and Humility

43 Days In

by: Eliza

Today’s forecast:

  • Day started out clear and sunny as always and i’m not talking about the weather! 😀
  • Great meeting with Kat and Anner today. Some exciting stuff happening in the next few weeks!
  • James M. brought Spanish sardines for lunch! I didn’t get to have any, but i’m sure it’s YUMMY!
  • As i’m typing this, Jackie is doing her presentation on Joomla for our trainees! She’s doing a good job!
  • Realization: Nizzi is soooo hardworking.  Our lovely project manager is AWESOME at what she does. Krissy, our adorable chronic hugger is AMAZING as well 😉
  • Julie missed her Angry Bird stuffed toy today… so she’s picking on me about my Purple Star stuffed toy, I think she secretly wants to take it hostage.
  • Rolled out of a number of proposals and mockups today! (WHEW!)
  • I have not spoken much to Louie or Gio today, which is good – and it only means they’ve been working hard as well!
  • James C. is focused and quiet as usual!
  • Our Biometric Electronic Bundy Clock has been named “THENCHU”. Because that’s what it says whenever we time in/time out!

First of all, I’d like to be honest and say – I did try to write a serious blog post here, but just can’t seem to.  What we have here is a happy work environment and not a stiff and detached one.  Don’t get me wrong though – we know when to be serious. The admin team and myself have been working non-stop on making sure systems are in place, and that they are properly implemented.  We desire to ensure the quality of the work that we deliver to our clients with the help of setting healthy boundaries — to keep things professional, yet provide a positive working environment that everyone can enjoy.  IF one is working with a heavy heart – it will definitely show on their work! So people, keep whistling while you work, will you? 🙂

The past 40-something days has been very eventful.  We’ve learned and grown so much and slowly but surely building a strong foundation for ourselves. I believe we have already begun laying down the first few blocks.  We realize we have a long way to go, and we still have so much to learn — but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy every minute of the ride! 🙂

The Anner – Always thinking…. about what? Who knows?
Our Verse for the Day!
Nizzi – Who’s about to fill up that calendar with things to do!
Elloisa – Former Nomnomholic.
Gio – the silent miracle worker!